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Black Hills Ordnance Depot

Atomic Energy Commission

The Edgemont Herald-Tribune

The Herald-Tribune

Vol. 43 No. 32 page 1 July 22, 1965

Provo school would continue for AEC

Representative E. Y. Berry this week advised the Atomic Energy Commission that the Board of Education of the Provo Independent School system as presently operated in event the Black Hills Ordnance Depot is used by the AEC for their Atomic Accelerator project.

In advising the AEC of the action of the Provo School Board, Berry advised the Commission that they would have the full support of every public and private body in cooperating with the operation of the accelerator plant.

The Herald-Tribune

Vol. 43 No. 32 page 1 July 22, 1965

Sen. McGovern requests AEC inspection and survey of BHAD

Sen. George McGovern said today that he has requested authority of from Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission for an AEC field team to suvery and inspect the Black Hills Army Depot at Igloo, with a view toward its selection as the site for an Atomic Accelerator plant.

McGovern said that he had personally called the Chairman's attention to the many advantages of the Igloo site and felt that as a part of the proposal from Edgemont and Rapid City group, an on-site inspection report would be valuable.

Senator McGovern said, "It is important that all possible avenues be explored. The competition for the site selection is very keen and should our efforts for the South Dakota site be successful, it could be the most important economic step in many years towards the full development of the potential of South Dakota. I pledge all my efforts toward the utilization of this fine facility by the Atomic Energy Commission."

Igloo: A History; pg. 58; - - - Residents heartily supported the location of an Atomic Energy Commission "atom smasher" plant at the depot when the commission began searching for sites on which to place atomic reactors. However, hopes for such a designation were dashed when South Dakota was taken off the list of preferred sites for such a facility. - - -


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