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1912 - 2005




It was so good to have the whole family present at Mon's celebration of life. An era has passed as we look ahead with a hole in the family's fabric. I was serious however, about keeping Mom & Dad alive in our Heart of Hearts with fond remembrances, special moments and a visual picture of them. I hope to do a Family Tree for all this coming year.

So...........create, recall, remember and cherish the good memories. I will pass a few on that stick in my mind and maybe, just maybe, will bring back smiles and memories of good things to you too.

Early years as I related at Trinity Church were Mom playing the organ at church and at home too as music seemed to be essential in her life. All the programs at Provo that she directed. Two that I was in were: Snow White in junior high and the Belle of Baghdad in high school. Dad loved music also as I remember all the records and big band sounds. At 4 years old, the year in Lead with my first cowboy boots and the birth of Diane and Dad working in the Homestake Gold Mine were especially vivid. But of course, the Igloo memories are greatest. Mom was a great cook and I can taste the Kuchen (German filled pastry) yet today. Mom and her bridge clubs. I remember helping her clean and filling the bed rooms and closet with clutter; but the living room was immaculate. Dad and Bob Rosenau evesdropping on the girls and even recording their chatter and giggling and laughing as they replayed it. Gals indignant-but laughed.

Trips to the Black Hills especially Sheridan Lake and Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park. The picnics and fun at Hazelrodt Creek. Mom and Dad loved the Hills as much as we did. Holidays seemed special in our family. Singing Xmas carols, filling stockings and celebrating the Lord at Easter; of course we kids were more inpressed with the easter eggs and baskets.

I remember getting in trouble (numerous times) and Dad grounding me. I would whine and cry to Mom and somehow she always found a way to get me out a little. As I look back, it amazes me how Mom took her choirs and groups and moulded them into good singing. Sometimes her quiet discipline with some of the rowdies worked wonders. Ron Hagen mentioned that at the funeral. He said he was hell on wheels except in Mom's singing groups.

Illinois. All the moving in Savanah. Making an offer on a home and it falling through. How excited the folks were to have their first home in Mr. Carroll. Mom's piano in the living room and our visits to play cards, smell limberger and laugh. Dad's thumb on pictures and his crazy belly laugh. I remember how excited they were with the first grandchild, Shawn David Bauer. And their trip to Alaska with Diane and to pick up Deb. How Dad was scared of the tremors that shook the trailer house we were in. Driving down together on the Alcan was a family adventure.

Mt. Carroll became the family center with all the traditions still there. The church and music, bridge clubs, the bar downtown, Dad's bowling balls with flowers of course. Mom was so proud of her family and it showed in pictures, talks, etc.

So my family, there are many more memories in the heart. Put yours down on paper, in your memory, and pass it on to future generations.

Dave, and Adele

Here is some of the memories of Mom I have received from Igloo/Provo friends and acquaintances. Very interesting.

Dorothy & Vic Garvis She was a wonderful friend and teacher. Although she and Vic were in charge of different interests and talents, they were always comfortable in their relationship as faculty members. She was always up for a game of bridge, too. My last memory of Dagny is of her is "banging" her cane on the table at the alumni dinner to quiet that rowdy bunch of "kids" ----- and they were quiet. (2003) I think everyone admired the fact she never missed a PHS reunion to my knowledge.

Cheryl (Thompson) Tibke This is a cousin on Mom's side. We visited their farm in Ramona when I was 13 or so. What a Lady! My Dad though the world of her. I met with her about 8 years ago when she was in Minnesota. I picked her up from Marge Dubbelde's and had a good visit. You probably do not remember me very well, David. I am Diane's age. I was in Igloo a few times and Diane also stayed with me. THOSE WE LOVE LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS IN THE MEMORIES WE TREASURE.

Louie DeLeon Class of 55 We were saddened to hear of your Mom's death. I for one will miss this dynamic super-charged lady as will the rest of the PHS alumni. Thanks for remembering us.

Joan (Rostad) Thompson Class of 50. I might have some of these years wrong; but pretty close. Thank you for the obit of your mother. I cannot express how much she meant to me from the 8th grade through my high school years. Some how she found a talent in me and helped develop a singing voice I didn't know was there. She gave me the Ave Maria to sing as my first solo experience when I was a freshman and how she knew I would be able to carry that off I will never know. She was such an innovative teacher and when she started the Madrigal Singers, what a learning experience that was for us country kids with very little worldly knowledge of music. And I can never hear Grieg and especially the Hall of the Mountain King and Anitra's Dance without thinking of her 7th grade music classes. Of course I can also hear the grumbling of the boys's too. But she fostered a love of Classical music for which I am forever grateful.

She had the most wonderful laugh and smile and was such a staunch supporter of the PHS Alumni when I was trying hard to get the thing going. When Miss Ward and Miss Hajek died, your mother was the faculty member who took their place and the glue that held us together year after year. Now I think the baton has passed to Vic and Dorothy Garvis and so it goes.

Marilyn Thompson Matson Our sincere sympathy goes out to you and your families. David, you might remember me. I am Delvin Thompson's daughter. You and your family stopped in Ramona & Madison when we were teen-agers. Dagny was quite close to Sylvia Gist, my Dad's sister. I, too, am a retired teacher I retired 2 years ago and taught since I was 19.

Irene (Coates) & Ed Ferdig. Ed and I were in the same grade. Sang a lot together in choir and plays. Irene is younger. I taught her swimming lessons when I was in college.

We are so sorry to hear that your mother has passed. Both Ed and I have wonderful memories of her and her teaching music. I remember all the way down to beginning grade school. The day, she told me that I had a nice voice meant a lot to me.

Carol (Harbaugh) and Jack Pengra. Harbaugh's lived next door to us. Carol graduated in 49 or 50. Thanks for the letter, etc., David. I have passed it on to my family,, Donna and Del. We all thought a lot of your Mom.

Eugene Peterson Class of 59. Pete started with us; but moved to Edgemont for his Senior year. Traitor - he became a Mogul. I am sorry to hear about your Mother. I remember our music classes well. I remember the time when Elvis first started and your mother said he would never be great and we all thought that too. Oh, but how wrong we all were. Your mother will be missed at the reunions. I wish that I could have seen her just one more time. It is hard to let go. She was wonderful woman, and I know I will miss her.

Mary Anne (Schmaltz) Krumholtz Class of 59. So sorry for your loss. Your Mom was a nice woman, good neighbor and a great teacher. Schmaltz's lived beside us for many years after Brokaws moved out.

Ellen (Hurley) Hook. Class of 59. I read in the paper that your mother passed away, Dave. It took my thougnts back to Igloo days. Our mothers taught school together and were friends. She was my teacher. Those were the days and a very unique experience living in Igloo. Our faith in God gives us comfort. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the 45th reunion of our class. Ellen left Igloo after 7th or 8th grade and moved to Illinois. Lives in Rockford.

Rita (Krumholtz) and Terry Stuen. Rita class of 60 and Tery 61. We have the warmest memories of your Mother as our teacher and more recently, the lovely afternoon she spent visiting with us our here soon after our move to Custer.

Clova (Iversen) Wasserberger. Class of 59. Just a note to let you know I am keeping you in my prayers. It is so hard to lose a mother. I miss mine everyday as she loved her family and always had such good advice. Note Clova'a husband Wayne massed away on March 15th. Heart attack.

Rose (Rodriguez)Weaver. Class of 59. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom, Dagny. However, she is at rest now and is watching over her family. She had a long life and enjoyed every minute of it. Now she is in heaven visiting everyone that went before her. She is letting them know that we still get together and reminisce about the family and friends. I know you will miss your Mom but you have some fond memories to pass down to your grandbabies.

Eunice (Anderson) and Jerry Holt. Class of 49 or 50. They were at Mom's reviewal and talked of their respect for Mom and the love of music she nurtured in them at PHS. Ironically, one of the pictures Deb had up was of Mom and one of her boys glee clubs and Chet Anderson, Eunices brother was in it.

Ruby (Wohl) Brennan. Class of 59. Sorry to hear of the recent passing of your mother. She will be greatly missed. It was an honor knowing her - she was so special. Igloo was the very best place to grow up at. All the different activities and building were provided. The town was built with a lot of care and thought. We were privileged it was ours.

Lois (Wiemann) and Ron Hagen. Class of 50. Funny story. They got married right out of high school and lived up the street from us. When I was 12-13, her brother, Jim, and I would baby sit their kids. Even sneak a peek or drink in Ron's liquor cabinet. We always had the diapers on wrong and they would fall off. Bothe Lois and Ron were in choirs, plays, etc. They lived in Savanna and had a little golf course. I remember going to their place and golfing. Showers for their kids, etc. Their son played frosh football for Iowa and when they palayed the Gophers, we met them at the game. Anyway, Ron was the one that said "he was hell on wheels and hard to handle except in Mom's music classes." Jim was one of my best friends so I remember Lois from way back.

Interesting in many ways. Good teachers bring out the best in kids.

provided by Dave Bauer, Class of 59.


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