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Black Hills Ordnance Depot

Igloo Magazine

May 28, 1943

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TAGS: Keith, Col. Hubert W.; Scott, Lt Col. Ralph; Gilfillan, Archer; weather; Florida; Calfornia; South Dakota; Aberdeen, SD; Kansas; wind indicator; Kiwanis Club; Chadron, NE; Igloo Cover; Executive Officer; Kraemer, Capt. F. A.; Rice, Capt. A. F.; Holstrum, Chester L.; Memorial Day; Minute Man Flag; Victory Gardens.

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TAGS: 660 plots; Fritch, Mr.; Victory Gardens; Europe; Provo, SD; Shook Shoop Special; Darlene; Scherry; Geddes; Bonita; Elfrieda; Denver, CO; Frazier, John; Gettysburg, SD; Lou; Fritz; George; Mike; Jean; Oscar; A Curious Relic; Kraemer, Capt. F. A.; U.M.C.; Union Metalic Cartridge Co.; Remington Arms Co.

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TAGS: Keith, Col. Hubert W.; Commanding Officer; Black Hills Ordnance Depot; Kiwanis Club; Chadron, NE; speech.

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TAGS: speech; Social Service Notes; Hubbard, Dorothy; WOWs; Dort; Morstad, Donna; Lippman, Camilla; Lemmon,SD; Bismarch, ND; Du Brae, P. R.; Springfield, SD.

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TAGS: Memorial Day Program; Black Hills Ordnance Depot; Hot Springs, SD; Edgemont, SD; Provo, SD; Administration Area; Black Hills Ordnance Depot Band; Groell, Rev. John G.; Keith, Col. Hubert; Commanding Officer; Guard and Fire Department; Minute Man Flag; Sewright, Dr. D. W.; Mayor of Hot Springs; Colgon, Pat; Mayor of Edgemont; Guard Company.

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TAGS: Field Service Property; Ray; Maureen; Lorraine; Dorothy; overseas packages; U.S.O.; whist; bridge; M-35; Larson, Mrs. Hazen; Walter, Bud; Howe, Mrs. Merritt; Prim, Mrs.; telephone booth; Passing the Buck; war bonds.

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TAGS: Ration Notes; Holstrum, Chester L.; Post Office Box; Ration Book No. Three; M-7; Provo Post Office; Administration Building; Stamps 15 and 16; Book One; Sugar Stamp Number 12; Coffee Stamp Number 23; tire inspection; Sabotage; wooden shoes; Soldiers of Supply.

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TAGS: Personnel Notes; Lockett, Captain; Ordnance; Post Engineers; Purcell, Mr.; Hayes, Mrs. Martha; Personnel Records and Reports Section; Depot Property; Hot Springs, SD; Eberly, Joy; Edgemont, SD; Conger, Mrs. Myrtle; Connele, Marie; Camp Robinson; Hawkswood, Blance; Rapid City, SD; Furnis, Betty Lou; Telford, Faye; Powell, Lola; Custer, SD; Nelson, Mr.; Lyons, Ann; For Sale Items; Johnson, Mrs. H. G.; Barracks 21, Apt. 2; Stroebe, F. G.; Barracks 32, Apt. 6; The Soldier and the Cigarette; Kraemer, Capt. F. A.

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TAGS: A Fable; Bill Jones; War Bonds; 10 percent man; Madison Square Post Office; Guadalcanal; Japanese; A Letter; censors.

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TAGS: Church Notices Congregational Church; Edgemont, SD; Light, Shelley J.; Seppala, Mr. T. L.; Tubbs, Mr. Neil; Unidenominal Services; PX; Mess Hall; Recreation Hall; Barracks #35; Johnson, Rev.; Young Peoples Group; Tiffany, Rev.; Keith, Col.; Lutheran Services; Synodical Conference; Thiele, Rev. Waldemar A.; Catholic Services; St. James Catholic Church; Edgemont, SD; Groell, Father John G.

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TAGS: What a Soldier Thinks About; War Bonds; Nazis; Japs; Rossford Ordnance News; Transportation; Madill, Mrs. Hazel; Hermosa, SD; Johnson, Mr. Edgemont, SD; Rapid City, SD; Kee, Lt.; Chicago, IL; Henessy, Edith; Railroad Book of Rules; Hagen, Otilla; Depot Property; NOIBN; Freund, Mr. Francis K.; Crawford, NE; Vierling, Mildred and Dickl Hot Springs, SD; Post Band; Barracks # 35.

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TAGS: Guard Notes; Torrey, Guard; Riley, William "Private"; summer uniform; rattlesnake; Davis, David; Buffalo Gap, SD; horses; Rhyland, Guard; Jones, Lee; Wyming; Mary, Mary; Song of the WOWs; Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition; Axis; Japs; Ordnance Workers.

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TAGS: The Bombardiers; Magazine Area Employees Club; Hard Times Dance; M-35; PX; Wolter, Bud; Wolter, Mrs. Bud; Suzie Q; Wumkes, Pete; Softball Chairman; The Rules of the Road; Rice, Capt. A. F.; Construction Days; Safety.

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TAGS: Victory Gardens

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TAGS: Magazine Area Records; Livingston, E. Y.; Killoren, John P.; Hill City, SD; ammunition checkers; Lubin, John; Bell Telephone; Vierling, Mr. and Mrs. John G.; Hot Springs, SD; Barrett, Mrs.; Mideke, 1st Lt. J. A.; Wingate Ordnance Depot; Gallup, NM; Assistant Magazine Area Officer; Wilson, Mr and Mrs. Francis; Hot Springs, SD; Hot Springs, SD; Lewis, Ira O.; Weber, Mr and Mrs. Henry; rod and reel club; Horsethief Lake; Walters, Joe; Peterson, Ardith; Jordan, Connie; Enskat, Leona; Mason, Blossom; Larson, Capt.; Smith, Lieutenant; Kraemer, Capt. Crating Center; Saffell; Henderson, Mrs. Anna; Newton, IA; Walker, Pearl; Hall, Lyle; Ardmore, SD; Weise, Mr and Mrs. Al; Gear Jammers; igloos; Gilfillan, Mr.; man haul; Tony, Bud/

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