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Black Hills Ordnance Depot

Youth Opportunity Program

The Edgemont Herald-Tribune

The Herald-Tribune

Vol. xx No. xx page 4 June 24, 1965

BHAD Implements LBJ Youth Program

Youth Opportunity Program hires

. . . . In implementing its part of the Presidential Youth Opportunity Program, Black Hills Army Depot hired these six young men for the summer. Acting Commanding Officer Major D. B. Helsel, welcomes the fresh-out-of-school youths to the BHAD family. They are left to right: Michael Gannon, Igloo; Craig L. Bieber, James R. Wasserburger and Wayne M. Fowler of Edgemont; James L. Anderson of Igloo and Ronald French of Edgemont. With school out over two million American boys and girls, 16 through 21 years old, flooded the labor market. In an effort to increase by at least a half million, the work and training opportunities this summer for these boys and girls, President Johnson launched his Youth Opportunity Program. He asked the nation's businessmen and government agencies for their support. He directed the Federal agencies to find work for one extra trainee for every 100 employees on the payrolls. These new hires were assigned to Post Engineer's roads and grounds section, under the management of Stewart Mikelson.


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