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In the early forties the government decided that they needed more facilities to handle the munitions and ordnance required for World War II.
One of the sites selected for a new ordnance depot was in a remote area in the south west corner of South Dakota.
In 1942 construction began and Black Hills Ordnance Depot (BHOD) was born. Because of the remoteness of the area and a civilian workforce, housing was built on the base.
When a Post Office was opened for the community, a name was needed and Igloo was selected. (The name comes from the munitions storage structures that were called igloos because of their appearance).
The on-base school took the name Provo School for the nearby small community of Provo.
In the early sixties the name of the base was changed to Black Hills Army Depot (BHAD).
A few years later it was announced that BHAD would be closed as part of nation wide base closures.
The base closed in July 1967. Many of the employees transfered to other depots all over the country. Many others retired and stayed in Western South Dakota.
The community of Igloo was deserted and remains a ghost town.


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