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I came across the following while working on my Norwegian genealogy. It is from the Havamal which translates to Words of the High One. It was a guide book for Vikings and includes such sayings as, "Friends do not let the grass grow on the path between their houses."

Cattle die, kinsmen die,
you yourself must likewise die,
but word-fame never dies
for him who achieves it well.

Cattle die, kinsmen die,
you yourself must likewise die,
but one thing that never dies
the verdict on each man dead.

The term "word-fame" is what really struck a cord with me. If my Norwegian ancesters had not had something written down about them, for something they had done well or for something they had done wrong, it was very difficult, if not impossible to find them.

In this project I hope to obtain some "word-fame" for Igloo and the people that made it what it was. I hope to pull together as much of the information that is out there so it will be available in one place. The memories of us who were associated with Igloo are very important to record and save. These will not be available to the future generations if they are not recorded.

I hope to make as much of this information available on the web site as I can but I know that the web site will not go on forever. The ultimate plan is to put the information in a form that will be available to generations in the future. The present technology makes the form of CD's or DVD's attactive as a method to recording the information. I would make copies of the CD's or DVD's available to the local libraries where they would be available to those interested.

Again, the one thing that we can all contribute is our memories, I think they are very important. Also if you have anything from Igloo that you think that other people will be interested in, please send me a copy.


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