PHS Class of 45

Provo High School, Igloo, SD


14 students graduated from Provo High School in 1945.
They were;

Rosemary Adams Rose Barham
Rosemary Adams Rose Barham
Dorothy Brookens Shirley Dye
            Dorothy Brookens Shirley Dye               
Ben Geary Idelle Hanna
Ben Geary Idelle Hanna
Eugene Matteson William Nafziger
Eugene Matteson                     William Nafziger
Richard O'Banion Betty Petty
Richard O'Banion Betty Petty
Doris Ritter Arlyne Sorlie
               Doris Ritter Arlyne Sorlie          
Lois Tames Patricia Trotter
Lois Tames Patricia Trotter

As of 2014

Rosemary Adams, from Custer, SD, unknown.
Rose Barham, from Sheridan, WY, passed away in 2005.
Dorothy Brookens, from Winner, SD, lives in Denver, CO.
Shirley Dye, from Gann Valley, SD, married Stanley Kirby, worked at BHOD, she passed away in 2001.
Ben (Harris) Geary, from Deadwood. He passed away in 2011.
Idelle Hanna, from Deadwood, SD, lives in Spearfish, SD.
Eugene Matteson, from Newcastle, WY, married Mary Seber, class of 47, lives in Paso Robles, CA. (Mary passed away in 2006)
William Nafziger, from Bridgewater, SD, passed away in 2010.
Richard O'Banion, from Fairburn, SD, married Ardith King, class of (49). He passed away Jan. 21, 2011.
Betty Jane Petty, from Hot Springs, SD, married Ted Birdsall, class of 46, she passed away, date unknown.
Doris Ritter, from Sturgis, SD, married Charles Smith, worked at BHOD, she passed away in 2007.
Arlyne Sorlie, from Bemidji, MN, married Bruce Jackman, class of 44, she passed away in 1983.
Lois Tames, from Centerville, SD, passed away in 1956.
Patricia Trotter, from Provo, SD, passed away in 2004.

Class Sponsor; Miss Mary Ferrero
Most Representative Girl; Dorothy Brookens
Most Representative Boy; Harris Geary
Class Officers; Dorothy Brookens, President; Doris Ritter, Vice-President; William Nafziger, Treasurer; Rosemary Adams; Secretary
Class Colors
Class Motto,
Prom Theme, Senior;
Senior Class Play; "Ghost Wanted"

Peggy Raymond from Mission, SD and Roger Hegstrum from Deadwood, SD were in the class of 1945 as Juniors.

Shirley (Dye) Kirby is the only PHS graduate to have a child that also graduated from PHS. Rodney Kirby graduated in 1965.

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