Provo High School

Provo High School, Igloo, SD


14 students graduated from Provo High School in 1946.
They were;

Kenneth Adams Ann Antleman
Kenneth Adams Ann Antleman
Ted Birdsall Creta Boschma
            Ted Birdsall Creta Boschma               
Donald Burnison Nora Cottrell
Donald Burnison Nora Cottrell
Elizabeth Culver Dorothy Forbord
Elizabeth Culver                         Dorothy Forbord
Douglas McCroskey James Nafziger
Douglas McCroskey James Nafziger
Marilyn Schoenbeck Katheryn Schoonmaker
          Marilyn Schoenbeck Katheryn Schoonmaker        
Robert Silvernale Mavis Smith
Robert Silvernale Mavis Smith

As of 2008

Kenneth Adams, from Sisseton, SD, unknown.
Ann Antleman, from Deadwood, SD, unknown.
Ted Birdsall, from Hot Springs, SD, married Betty Jane Petty, class of 45, he passed away in 1986.
Creta Boschma, from Ardmore, SD, lives in Watertown, SD.
Donald Burnison, from Spearfish, SD, passed away in 1979.
Nora Cottrell, from Chadron, NE, lives in Chadron.
Elizabeth Culver, from Belle Fourche, SD, married Jerry Hoppes, class of 47, she passed away in 1998.
Dorothy Forbord, from Edgemont, SD, passed away in 2007.
Douglas McCrosky, from Rudd, IA, unknown.
James Nafziger, from Spencer, SD, passed away in 2011.
Marilyn Schoenbeck, from Lily, SD, unknown.
Katheryn Schoonmaker, from Edgemont, SD, lives in Yakima, WA.
Robert Silvernale, from Mitchell, SD, lives in Ephrata, WA.
Mavis Smith, from Edgemont, SD, lives in Mountain View, CA.

Class Sponsor; Miss Mary Ferrero
Most Representative Girl;
Most Representative Boy;
Class Officers; Ted Birdsall, President; Beth Culver, Vice-President; Ann Antelman, Secretary-Treasurer
Class Colors
Class Motto, "Not at top but Climbing"
Prom Theme, Senior;
Senior Class Play; "Girl Shy"

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