Provo High School, Igloo, SD


23 students graduated from Provo High School in 1948.
They were;

Rita Alspach
Rita Alspach
Fred Barham Joyce Barney
Fred Barham Joyce Barney
Betty Birdsall Mary Birdsall
            Betty Birdsall Mary Birdsall              
Betty Burnison Allen Cooper
Betty Burnison Allen Cooper
Floyd Forbord Evelyn Gunderson
Floyd Forbord                            Evelyn Gunderson
Donna Harbaugh Marjorie Hardman
Donna Harbaugh Marjorie Hardman
Ellen Hoehne Verlyn Holt
                  Ellen Hoehne Verlyn Holt                  
Gordon Jackman Charlotte King
Gordon Jackman Charlotte King
Joanne Krumholz Loretta Mueller
Joanne Krumholz                            Loretta Mueller
Ann Novak Rose Richardson
Ann Novak Rose Richardson
Fred Tames Dorothy Tlustos
             Fred Tames Dorothy Tlustos             
Thomas Trueblood Howard Zink
Thomas Trueblood Howard Zink

As of 2011

Rita Alspach,lives in Bloomington, MN.
Fred Barham, unknown.
Joyce Barney, Ashland, OR.
Betty Birdsall, married Ken Hertha, teacher, she passed away Jan. 17, 2015. (Ken passed away in 1987)
Mary Birdsall, married Pete Parmenter, class of 47, she passed away in 2011.
Betty Burnison, lives in Grand Island, NE.
Allen Cooper, married Delores Baier, class of 47, lives in Tucson, AZ. (Delores passed away.)
Floyd Forbord, passed away, date unknown.
Evelyn Gunderson, married Robert Clapham, lives in Dayton, WY. (Robert passed away.) Evelyn returned to Provo School as a teacher.
Donna Harbaugh, married John Parks, they live in Rapid City, SD.
Marjorie Hardman, married Ed Tubbs, she passed away Jan. 30, 2015.
Ellen Hoehne, married Richard McKnight, lines in Rapid City, SD.
Verlyn Holt, passed away in 1997.
Gordon Jackman, passed away, date unknown.
Charlotte King, passed away, date unknown.
Joanne Krumholz, passed away, date unknown.
Loretta Mueller, married Vernon Smith, lives in Greenville, SC.
Ann Novak, lives in Newcastle, WY.
Rose Richardson, married Floyd Mesteth, passed away in 1987.
Frederick Tames, passed away in 1970.
Dorothy Tlustos, unknown.
Thomas Trueblood, lives in Akron, OH.
Howard Zink, passed away in 1988.

Class Sponsor; James Butler
Most Representative Girl;
Most Representative Boy;
Class Officers; , President; , Vice-President; , Treasurer; , Secretary.
Class Colors; Silver and Blue
Class Motto; "We Build The Ladder By Which We Rise"
Class Flower; White Rose
Prom Theme, Senior; Hawaiian
Homecoming Royalty; Joyce Barney (first Homecoming at Provo High School)
Senior Class Play;

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