PHS Class of 1958

Provo High School, Igloo, SD


24 students graduated from Provo High School in 1958.
They were;

Mary Berens Vince Berens
Berens, Mary Berens, Vince
Ardith Bergquist Buzz Bettelyoun
               Ardith Bergquist Gerald Bettelyoun               
PriscillaBoltz BreenJudy
Priscilla Boltz Judy Breen
Dick Coen Ted DeLeon
Dick Coen                               Ted DeLeon
Ruth Finkel Sandy Hansen
Ruth Finkel Sandy Hansen
Jim Hipsher Don Johnle
               James Hipsher Donald Johnle               
Calvin Jones Laverne McCleery
Calvin Jones Laverne McCleery
Phil Montileaux Dorothy Muhm
Philbert Montileaux                               Dorothy Muhm
Norma Olson Ann Rudy
Norma Olson Ann Ruby
Larry Schmidt Rosemarie Skroch
               Larry Schmidt Rosemarie Skroch               
Jerry Ann Thompson Karen Torkelson
Jerry Ann Thompson Karen Torkelson
Jim Wieman Norm Wilson
James Wieman                               Norman Wilson

As of 2010

Mary Berens, lives in Sioux Falls, SD.
Vincent Berens, passed away, March 10, 2010.
Ardith Bergquist, unknown.
Gerald Bettelyoun, passed away, April 28, 2010.
Priscilla Boltz, was married to Bill Krumholz, class of 1956. Bill passed away in 1992. Priscilla lives in Denver, CO.
Judy Breen, was married to Daryle Roth, class of 1952. (divorced) Judy lives in Indianapolis, IN.
Dick Coen, lives in New Cumberland, PA.
Ted DeLeon, lives in Fairbanks, AK.
Ruth Finkel, lives in Overland Park, KS.
Sandy Hansen, lives in Huntington Beach, CA.
James Hipsher, lives in Beaverton, OR.
Donald Johnle, unknown.
Calvin Jones, passed away, date unknown.
Laverne McCleery, passed away Sept. 6, 2015.
Philbert Montileaux, passed away, date unknown.
Dorothy Muhm, passed away in 2006.
Norma Olson, passed away in 1977.
Ann Ruby, lives in Hampton, VA.
Larry Schmidt, passed away in 2009.
Rosemarie Skroch, is married Ian Snyder, class of 1956. The live in Fairfield Bay, AR.
Jerry Ann Thompson, lives in Cuba, MO.
Karen Torkelson, lives in Shoreview, MN.
James Wieman, passed away in 1992. He was married to Marilyn Knodel, class of 1956.
Norman Wilson, lives in Aurora, CO.

Class Sponsor; Mr. Ernest Cetto
Valedictorian; Priscilla Boltz
Salutatorian; Ruth Finkel
Most Representative Girl; Jerry Ann Thompson
Most Representative Boy; Norm Wilson
Class Officers; Norm Wilson, President; Ted DeLeon, Vice-President; Buzz Bettelyoun, Treasurer; Ann Ruby, Secretary.
Class Colors, Silver and Blue
Class Motto, "Not only to exist but to amount to something in life"
Class Flower,
Prom Theme, Junior; "A Stranger in Paradise"
Prom Theme, Senior; "Carolina Moon"
Homecoming Royalty; Karen Torkelson and Ted DeLeon
Senior Class Play; "The Curious Savage"

Others who were in the class of 1958 but did not graduate at PHS;
Ardella Brown Betty Denton
Ardella Brown Betty Denton
Yvonne Flammond Yvonne Grubbs
               Yvonne Flammond Yvonne Grubbs               
Eugene Peery Gabriel Pourier
Eugene Peery Gabriel Pourier
Donna Imme Carmen Lolley
Donna Imme                               Carmen Lolley
Joan Wickens Nancy Yardley
Joan Wickens Nancy Yardley
Shirley Lee Terry Pourier
               Shirley Lee Terry Pourier               
Bonnie Resseguie Rita Rose
Bonnie Resseguie Rita Rose
Martha Schmidt
Martha Schmidt               

Ardella Brown was in the junior class.
Betty Denton was in the junior class and may live in Hot Springs, SD.
Yvonne Flammond was in the junior class.
Yvonne Grubbs was in the junior class.
Eugene Peery was in the junior class and lives in Sacramento, CA.
Gabriel Pourier was in the junior class.
Donna Imme was in the sophomore class.
Carmen Lolley was in the sophomore class and may live in Gillette, WY.
Joan Wickens was in the sophomore class and lives in San Diego, CA.
Nancy Yardley was in the sophomore class and passed away in 1968.
Shirley Lee was in the freshman class.
Terry Pourier was in the freshman class and may live in Pine Ridge, SD.
Bonnie Resseguie was in the freshman class. Bonnie is married to Elmer Nygaard, class of 56, and they live in Arvada, CO.
Rita Rose was in the freshman class.
Martha Schmidt was in the freshman class.

Tom Brokaw of NBC News was in the PHS class of 1958 for kindergarten and first grade.
kindergarten Tom Brokaw first grade
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