PHS Class of 1962

Provo High School, Igloo, SD


27 students graduated from Provo High School in 1962.
They were;

Deanna Bettcher Joan Catlett
Deanna Bettcher Joan Catlett
Barbara Cooley Sherry Hartman
               Barbara Cooley Sherry Hartman               
Linda Hedglin Wendell Herrold
Linda Hedglin Wendell Herrold
Mike Hicks Carol Houska
Mike Hicks                               Carol Houska
Judy Kennedy David Kime
Judy Kennedy David Kime
Gloria Lachelt Nina Lathrop
               Gloria Lachelt Nina Lathrop               
Judy Merrill Ronald Nelson
Judy Merrill Ronald Nelson
Bill Ottmann Clarence Richardson
Bill Ottmann                               Clarence Richardson
Hugh Ritchey Judy Schoch
Hugh Ritchey Judy Schoch
Dave Sebring Dick Sebring
               Dave Sebring Dick Sebring               
Norm Smith Steve Thrasher
Norm Smith Steve Thrasher
Heather Tinsley Janet Wages
Heather Tinsley                               Janet Wages
Pat Watson Ken Worthley
Pat Watson Ken Worthley
Shirley Wright
Shirley Wright

As of 2009

Deanna Bettcher, lives in Hanover, IL.
Joan Catlett, passed away in 2000.
Barbara Cooley, lives in Crawford, NE.
Sherry Hartman, lives in Omaha, NE.
Linda Hedglin, lives in Montrose, CO.
Wendell Herrold, lives in Tarpon Springs, FL.
Mike Hicks, lives in Bisbee, AZ.
Carol Houska, lives in Rapid City, SD.
Judy Kennedy, lives near Lead, SD.
David Kime, lives in Valintine, NE.
Gloria Lachelt, lives in Newcastle, WY.
Nina Lathrop, lives in Orangevale, CA.
Judy Merrill, unknown.
Ronald Nelson, lives in Antioch, CA.
Bill Ottmann, lives in Glen Burnie, MD.
Clarence Richardson, passed away in 1985.
Hugh Ritchey, lives in Hopkins, MN.
Judy Schoch, lives in Conroe, TX.
Dave Sebring, lives in Mesa, AZ.
Dick Sebring, passed away in 2007.
Norm Smith, lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Steve Thrasher, lives in Burbank, CA.
Heather Tinsley, passed away in 2013.
Janet Wages, lives in Breckenridge, TX.
Pat Watson, lives in Clinton, IA.
Ken Worthley, unknown.
Shirley Wright, lives in Rapid City, SD.

Class Sponsor; Mr. and Mrs. Gayhart
Valedictorian; Hugh Ritchey
Salutatorian; Steve Thrasher
Most Representative Girl; Barbara Cooley
Most Representative Boy; Dave Sebring
Class Officers; Hugh Ritchey; Norm Smith; Dave Sebring; Barbara Cooley; Judy Kennedy, Student Body.
Class Colors, Mint Green and Silver
Class Motto, "We build the ladder on which we climb"
Class Flower, Yellow Rose
Prom Theme, Junior; "Wonderland by Night"
Prom Theme, Senior; "Sea of Love"
Homecoming Royalty; Deanna Bettcher and Hugh Ritchey
Senior Class Play;

Others who were in the class of 1962 but did not graduate with the class;

George Coates Sherri Dietrick
George Coates Sherri Dietrick
Tony Larvie Steve Lorenz
               Tony Larvie Steve Lorenz               
Gloria Nicolls Steve Warren
Gloria Nicolls Steve Warren
Walter Bergquist Lois Dappen
Walter Bergquist                               Lois Dappen
Sharon Hudson Joe Jacobs
Sharon Hudson Joe Jacobs
Diane Mauer Cherry Robb
               Diane Mauer Cherry Robb               
Carl Schuppen Pat Twiss
Carl Schuppen Pat Twiss
Geraldine Bazzle Frank Denton
Geraldine Bazzle                               Frank Denton
Rex Norman Cathy Schmidt
Rex Norman Cathy Schmidt

George Coates was in the senior class but graduated the next year in the class of 1963. He lives in Arvada, CO.
Sherri Dietrick was in the junior class and lives in Alliance, NE.
Tony Larvie was in the junior class and lives in Lander, WY.
Steve Lorenz was in the junior class and passed away in 2005.
Gloria Nicolls was in the junior class and lives in Edgemont, SD.
Steve Warren was in the junior class.
Walter Bergquist was in the sophomore class.
Lois Dappen was in the sophomore class and lives in Garden Grove, CA.
Sharon Hudson was in the sophomore class and lives in Rapid City, SD.
Joe Jacobs was in the sophomore class and lives in Hayward, CA.
Diane Mauer was in the sophomore class.
Cherry Robb was in the sophomore class. Cherry was married to Dennis Myrvik, class of 1957, who passed away in 2007. She lives in Edgemont, SD.
Carl Schuppen was in the sophomore class. He graduated with the class of 1963 and passed away in 2003.
Pat Twiss was in the sophomore class and passed away in 2006.
Geraldine Bazzle was in the freshman class and lives in Cross Hill, SD.
Frank Denton was in the freshman class.
Rex Norman was in the freshman class.
Cathy Schmidt was in the freshman class and lives in Savanna, IL.

Class of 62, Hipsher

2nd grade, class of 62, Mrs. Hipsher, 1951-52

Above is my class picture for the second grade. Below are the front and back of my report card for that year.

front of report card back of report card

You will notice that three teachers are involved; Mrs. Lapinsky, Mrs. Hipsher, and Mrs. Kisky.

The article below in the Feb. 1, 1952 issue of The Walrus, explains the mystery of three teachers.

Class Divided

Walter Lienau, Supt. of the Provo School, announced last week that the second grade would be divided into three classes. There had previously been two classes.

This step was necessary because of the recent increase in the second grade enrollment which reached 77 pupils when many new workers brought their families here after the holidays.

"Pupils in the second grade," he said, "need individual attention, especially in reading. By adding another class the teacher can give them the help they need."

The third group will hold classes in the Child Center building. Rooms assigned to the kindergarten were changed to make space available.

Mrs. Frances Kirsky, of Des Moines, Ia., arrived Monday to assume her duties as class instructor. Mrs. Woodrow Hipsher served as subsitute teacher until she arrived.

As the back of the report card indicates this was my last year in the class of 62.

As indicated in the inside of the report card I missed half the 5th quarter because I had pneumonia.

(I think it was because I didn't know who my teacher was.)

The report card gives you an idea of the subjects that were taught in second grade in the early fifties.

report card

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