PHS Class of 1963

Provo High School, Igloo, SD


34 students graduated from Provo High School in 1963.
They were;

Jim Anderson Diane Bauer
James Anderson Diane Bauer
Roger Bohart Peachie Brave
               Roger Bohart Cassandra Brave               
Tonya Buhn George Coates
Tonya Buhn George Coates
Mike Davis Mel Denton
Mike Davis                               Melvin Denton
Ken Erickson Jaclyn Gray
Kenneth Erickson Jaclyn Gray
Cecelia Haas Sherry Hansen
               Cecelia Haas Sherry Hansen               
Charlene Herrold John Hipsher
Charlene Herrold John Hipsher
Gary Jackson Jim Kime
Gary Jackson                               Jim Kime
Jane Lachelt Dale Ludington
Jane Lachelt Dale Ludington
Jack Mader Paulette Meier
               Jack Mader Paulette Meier               
Ed Merrill Harry Mickelson
Ed Merrill Harry Mickelson
Dick Mohr Shirley Muhn
Dick Mohr                               Shirley Muhm
Larry Newman Dale Olson
Larry Newman Dale Olson
Mary Jane Rauhauser Rick Rogers
       Mary Jane Rauhauser Rick Rogers               
Calvin Schuler Carl Schuppan
Calvin Schuler Carl Schuppan
Jesse Sears Robert Varilek
Jesse Sears                               Robert Varilek
Sharon Young Mary Yunko
Sharon Young Mary Yunko

As of 2009

James Anderson, lives in Rapid City, SD.
Diane Bauer, lives in Vancouver, WA.
Roger Bohart, lives in Boulder, CO.
Cassandra Brave, is married to Larry Vassos, class of 64. They live in Wheatridge, CO.
Tonia Buhn, lives in Sheridan, WY.
George Coates, lives in Arvada, CO.
Mike Davis, lives in Menlo Park, CA.
Mel Denton, is married to Rita Henderson, class of 65. They live in Alpine, WY.
Kenneth Erickson, lives in Cedar Rapids, IA.
Jaclyn Gray, lives in Macungie, PA.
Cecelia Haas, lives in Kyle, SD.
Sherry Hansen, lives in West End, NC.
Charlene Herrold, lives in Austin, CO.
John Hipsher, lives in Meridan, ID.
Gary Jackson, lives in Lake Preston, SD.
Jim Kime, lives in Post Falls, ID.
Jane Lachelt, lives in Anchorage, AK.
Dale Ludington, passed away in 1999.
Jack Mader, passed away in 1996.
Paulette Meier, passed away in 1999.
Ed Merrill, lives in Holbrook, NY.
Harry Mickelson, lives in Yakama, WA.
Dick Mohr, lives in Tallassee, TN.
Shirley Muhm, lives in Edgemont, SD.
Larry Newman, passed away in 1984.
Dale Olson, lives in Fountain, CO.
Mary Jane Rauhauser, lives in Hot Springs, SD.
Rick Rogers, lives in Longmont, CO.
Calvin Schuler, passed away in 1997.
Carl Schuppan, passed away in 2003.
Jesse Sears, lives in Tempe, AZ.
Robert Varilek, unknown.
Sharon Young, lives in Hamler, OH.
Mary Yunko, lives in Hopewell, VA.

Class Sponsors; Patrick Lee and Elizabeth Kime
Valedictorian; Mike Davis
Salutatorian; Roger Bohart
Most Representative Girl; Diane Bauer
Most Representative Boy; Gary Jackson
Class Officers; Roger Bohart, President; Jack Mader, Vice-President; Jesse Sears, Treasurer; Melvin Denton, Secretary.
Class Colors, Turquoise and Silver
Class Motto,"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers"
Class Flower, "Talisman Rose"
Prom Theme, Junior; "Sea of Love"
Prom Theme, Senior; "Moon River"
Homecoming Royalty; John Hipsher and Diane Bauer
Senior Class Play; "One Foot In Heaven"

Others who were in the class of 1963 but did not graduate at PHS;

Gwenda Iversen
Gwenda Iversen
Joe Jacobs Cindy Newlin
Joe Jacobs Cindy Newlin
Calin Thompson Dennis Turnquist
               Colin Thompson Dennis Turnquist               
Lois Dappen Anita Giedd
Lois Dappen Anita Giedd
Linda Hagen Carol Lee
Linda Hagen                               Carol Lee
Larry Martinson Bill Mesteth
Larry Martinson Bill Mesteth
Bonita Stuen Frank Denton
               Bonita Stuen Frank Denton               
Aldus Marrs Marjie Triplett
Aldus Marrs Marjie Triplett
Bill Muhm Doug Older
Bill Muhm                               Doug Older

Gwenda Iversen was in the junior class. Gwenda is married to Jim Morrison, teacher and they live in Rapid City, SD.
Joe Jacobs was in the junior class and lives in Hayward, CA.
Cindy Newlin was in the junior class and lives in Livermore, CO.
Colin Thompson was in the junior class and lives in San Diego, CA.
Dennis Turnquist was in the junior class. Dennis is married to Ginny Schoch, class of 64, and they live in Colorado Springs, CO.
Lois Dappen was in the sophomore class and lives in Garden Grove, CA.
Anita Giedd was in the sophomore class.
Linda Hagen was in the sophomore class and may live in Custer, SD.
Carol Lee was in the sophomore class.
Larry Martinson was in the sophomore class and lives in Harrison, NE.
Bill Mesteth was in the sophomore class and passed away in 2007.
Bonita Stuen was in the sophomore class and lives in Lesterville, SD.
Frank Denton was in the freshman class.
Aldus Marrs was in the freshman class.
Marjie Triplett was in the freshman class.
Bill Muhm was in the freshman class and passed away in 2006.
Doug Older was in the freshman class and lives in Isle, MN.

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