PHS Class of 1964

Provo High School, Igloo, SD


32 students graduated from Provo High School in 1964.
They were;

Barbara Bailey Kevein Beauvais
Barbara Bailey Kevin Beauvais
Janette Bergeleen Jim Boltz
               Janette Bergeleen James Boltz               
Jo Ann Caylor Bob Elsasser
Jo Ann Caylor Robert Elsasser
Tom Facklam Zane Iversen
Thomas Facklam                               Zane Iversen
Larry Lathrop Lana Mader
Larry Lathrop Lana Mader
Steve Mader Paul Meier
               Stephen Mader Paul Meier               
Jim Mohr Art Nelson
James Mohr Art Nelson
Linda Newman Larry O'Conner
Linda Newman                               Larry O'Conner
John Odell Dennis Olmstead
John Odell Dennis Olmstead
Kathy Olson Sharon Olson
               Kathleen Olson Sharon Olson               
Vic Pedersen Barbara Roller
Victor Pedersen Barbara Roller
MaDona Ryan Virginia Skroch
MaDona Ryan                               Virginia Skroch
Jerry Sears Charles Shaw
Jerry Sears Charles Shaw
Bill Stokes Sharon Toffelmire
               William Stokes Sharon Toffelmire               
Larry Vassos Barbara Wickstrom
Larry Vassos Barbara Wickstrom
Harry Wiedenmeyer Ramona Wright
Harry Wiedenmeyer                               Ramona Wright

As of 2009

Barbara Bailey, lives in Frisco, TX.
Kevin Beauvais, lives in Sioux City, IA.
Janette Bergeleen, passed away, year unknown.
James Boltz, passed away April 24, 2015.
Jo Ann Caylor, unknown.
Robert Elsasser, lives in Hot Springs, SD.
Tom Facklam, unknown.
Zane Iversen, lives in Loveland, CO.
Larry Lathrop, lives in Sacramento, CA.
Lana Mader, unknown.
Steve Mader, lives in Crawford, NE.
Paul Meier, is married to Bernetta Hagel, class of (65), they live in Hawthorne, NV.
Jim Mohr, unknown.
Art Nelson, passed away May 12, 2015.
Linda Newman, lives in Hill City, SD.
Larry O'Conner, lives in Sissiton, SD.
John Odell, passed away in 1988.
Dennis Olmstead, lives in Sherman, TX.
Kathleen Olson, lived in Colorado and passed away in 2010.
Sharon Olson, unknown.
Victor Pedersen, lives in Custer, SD.
Barbara Roller, lives in Alliance, NE.
MaDona Ryan, lives in Kent, WA.
Virginia Skroch, is married to Dennis Turnquist, class of 63, they live in Colorado Springs, CO.
Jerry Sears, lives in Littleton, CO.
Charles Shaw, unknown.
Bill Stokes, is married to Sandra Himmerich, class of (64). Bill passed away June 5, 2015.
Sharon Toffelmire, lives in San Antonio, TX.
Larry Vassos, is married to Cassandra Brave, class of 63, they live in Wheatridge, CO.
Barbara Wickstrom, lives in Parker, CO.
Harry Wiedenmeyer, lives in Shelby Township, MI.
Ramona Wright, lives in Rapid City, SD.

Class Sponsors; Mr. and Mrs. Gayhart
Valedictorian; Harry Wiedenmeyer
Salutatorian; Dennis Olmstead
Most Representative Girl; Sharon Olson
Most Representative Boy; Tom Facklam
Class Officers; Paul Meier, President; Steve Mader, Vice-President; Harry Wiedenmeyer, Treasurer; MaDona Ryan, Secretary
Class Colors, blue and silver
Class Motto, "We lead, others follow"
Class Flower, yellow rose
Prom Theme, Junior; "Moon River"
Prom Theme, Senior; "Roman Holiday"
Homecoming Royalty; Steve and Lana Mader
Senior Class Play; "Dino"

Others who were in the class of 1964 but did not graduate at PHS;

Gary Emery Virginia Taggert
Gary Emery Virginia Taggert
David Thompson Dave Fix
               David Thompson Dave Fix               
George Kneavel ? Kneavel
George Kneavel ? Kneavel
Tom Muhm ? Schuppen
Tom Muhm                               ? Schuppen
Roger Nelson Dave Merrill
Roger Nelson Dave Merrill
Lester Britton Bob Martinson
               Lester Britton Bob Martinson               
Bill Muhm ? Roller
Bill Muhm Don Roller

Gary Emery was in the junior class and may live in Roseburg, OR.
Virginia Taggert was in the junior class and was married to Clarence Richardson, class of 62 (div).
David Thompson was in the junior class and has passed away, year unknown.
Dave Fix was in the sophomore class and lives in Kingston, NY.
George Kneavel was in the sophomore class.
Ruth Kneavel was in the sophomore class.
Tom Muhm was in the sophomore class.
Larry Schuppen was in the sophomore class.
Roger Nelson was in the sophomore class and passed away Oct. 22, 2013.
Dave Merrill was in the sohomore class and passed away, year unknown.
Lester Britton was in the freshman class and lives in Buffalo Gap, SD.
Bob Martinson was in the freshman class. He graduated with the class of 1965 and lives in Amarillo, TX.
Bill Muhm was in the freshman class and passed away in 2006.
Don Roller was in the freshman class and passed away before 1965.

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