PHS Class of 1965
The above 22 seniors spent all 12 years at PHS.

Provo High School, Igloo, SD


36 students graduated in 1965. This ties it as the largest class to graduate from PHS with the Class of 50.
They were; (correction, Julie Davis, August Powell and Lana Wilson were in the Senior class but did not graduate.)

Louis Anderson Cynthia Angerhofer
Louis Anderson Cynthia Angerhofer
Ronald Arthur Tom Barkley
            Ronald Arthur Thomas Barkley            
Dennis Brafford Robert Bush
Dennis Brafford Robert Bush
Delores Caylor Elwood Corbine
Delores Caylor                         Elwood Corbine
Julie Davis Judy De Younge
Julie Davis Judy De Younge
Ted Facklam Aloma Farrell
            Ted Facklam Aloma Farrell            
Rita Farrell Calvin Gaebler
Rita Farrell Calvin Gaebler
Rita Henderson Adelbert Herrold
Rita Henderson                         Adelbert Herrold
Woody Hipsher Wayne Hoffer
Woody Hipsher Wayne Hoffer
Beverly Johnson Robin Jones
            Beverly Johnson Robin Jones            
Rodney Kirby David Krantz
Rodney Kirby David Krantz
Richard Larson Bryan Lolley
Richard Larson                         Bryan Lolley
Bob Martinson August Powell
Bob Martinson August Powell
Noel Rickard Jim Rogers
            Noel Rickard Jim Rogers            
Larry Schiffner Gary Schuler
Larry Schiffner Gary Schuler
Geraldine Schuler Margaret Schuler
Geraldine Schuler                         Margaret Schuler
Tom Shortbull Don Stanley
Tom Shortbull Don Stanley
Doug Stewart Sandra Tinsley
            Doug Stewart Sandra Tinsley            
Pamela Turnquist Lana Wilson
Pamela Turnquist Lana Wilson
Chuck Yunko
Chuck Yunko

As of 2010

Louis Anderson, passed away in 1965. (shortly before graduation)
Cindy Angerhofer, lives in Grand Junction, CO.
Ron Arthur, lives in Antioch, CA.
Tom Barkley, lives in Custer, SD.
Dennis Brafford, unknown.
Robert Bush, married to Maritta Sovinski, class of 66. They live in Colleyville, TX
Delores Caylor, lives in Newcastle, WY.
Elwood Corbine, unknown.
Julie Davis, is married to Ted Facklam. They live in Lincoln, AL.
Judy De Younge, unknown.
Ted Facklam, is married to Julie Davis. They live in Lincoln, AL.
Aloma Farrell, lives in Sundance, WY.
Rita Farrell, unknown.
Calvin Gaebler, passed away. (date unknown)
Rita Henderson, is married to Mel Denton, class of 63. They live in Moran, WY.
Adelbert Herrold, lives in Colorado Springs, CO.
Woody Hipsher, lives in Louisville, CO.
Wayne Hoffer, lives in Santa Rosa, CA.
Beverly Johnson, lives in Cheyenne, WY.
Robin Jones, lives in Sacramento, CA.
Rodney Kirby, lives in Fresno, CA.
David Krantz, was married to Kathy Aadson, class of 1967. Kathy passed away (date unknown). Dave lives in Rapid City, SD
Richard Larson, lives in Aurora, CO.
Bryan Lolley, passed away in 2005.
Bob Martinson, lives in Amarillo, TX.
Augie Powell, unknown.
Noel Rickard, lives in League City, TX.
Jim Rogers, lives in Normal, IL.
Larry Schiffner, unknown.
Gary Schuler, lives in Nampa, Idaho.
Geraldine Schuler, lives in Mansfield, TX.
Margaret Schuler, passed away in 2010.
Tom Shortbull, lives in Rapid City, SD.
Don Stanley, lives in Texarkana, TX.
Doug Stewart, was married to Bernetta Hagel, class of 1965.(divorced) Doug lives in Edgemont, SD
Sandra Tinsley, lives in Homestead, FL.
Pamela Turnquist, I think she lives in Craig, CO.
Lana Wilson, unknown.
Chuck Yunko, lives in Casper, WY.

Class Sponsors; Charles Staley and Leo Getsgo
Most Representative Girl;
Most Representative Boy;
Class Officers; Woody Hipsher, President; Gary Schuler, Vice-President; , Treasurer; Rita Henderson, Secretary; , Student Body.
Class Colors,
Class Motto, "The Higher We Climb The Broader The View"
Class Flower, Peace Rose
Prom Theme, Junior; "Roman Holiday"
Prom Theme, Senior; "Summer Place"
Homecoming Royalty;
Senior Class Play;

Others who were in the class of 1965 but did not graduate at PHS.

Gene Artichoker Tom Birdsall
Gene Artichoker Tom Birdsall
Jodeen Black Leslie Dyer
            Jodeen Black Leslie Dyer            
Bernetta Hagel Albert Lachelt
Bernetta Hagel Albert Lachelt
June Ladner Shirley McCoy
June Ladner                         Shirley McCoy
Roger Nelson Marsha Richardson
Roger Nelson Marsha Richardson
Jackie Williams Janice Bergeleen
            Jacqueline Williams Janice Bergeleen            
Charlotte Burr Penny Davis
Charlotte Burr Penny Davis
Barbara Moore Cynthia Britton
            Barbara Moore Cynthia Britton       
Virginia Britton Pamela Firnekas
Virginia Britton Pamela Firnekas
Linda Deprey ? Johnson
            Linda Deprey ? Johnson            
Sharon Mizner Forrest Rennick
Sharon Mizner Forrest Rennick

Gene Artichoker was in the junior class and lives in Westminster, CO.
Tom Birdsall was in the junior class and lives in Port Charlotte FL.
Jodeen Black was in the junior class and may live in Fallon, NV.
Leslie Dyer was in the junior class.
Bernetta Hagel was in the junior class. She was married to Doug Stewart, class of 65, and is now married to Paul Meier, class of 64. They live in Hawthorne, NV.
Albert Lachelt was in the junior class and passed away in 1995.
June Ladner was in the junior class.
Shirley McCoy was in the junior class.
Roger Nelson was in the junior class and passed away Oct. 22, 2013.
Marsha Richardson was in the junior class.
Jacqueline Williams was in the junior class.
Janice Bergeleen was in the sophomore class and lives in Williamson, GA.
Charlotte Burr was in the sophomore class and may live in Towner, ND.
Penny Davis was in the sophomore class.
Barbara Moore was in the sophomore class.
Cynthia Britton was in the freshman class and may live in Gillette, WY.
Virginia Britton was in the freshman class and may live in St. Roberts, MO.
Pamela Firnekas was in the freshman class and lives in Phoenix, AZ.
Linda Deprey was in the freshman class.
? Johnson was in the freshman class.
Sharon Mizner was in the freshman class.
Forrest Rennick was in the freshman class.

The Rattlerette; April 26, 1965

Senior Class Review

The senior class of 1965 has twenty-four of its original first graders. They are: Louie Anderson, Robin Jones, Dennis Brafford, Rita Henderson, Rod Kirby, Wayne Hoffer, Aloma Farrell, Doug Stewart, Gerri Schuler, Rita Farrell, Gary Schuler, Chuck Yunko, Sandi Tinsley, Pam Turnquist, Ron Arthur, Noel Rickard, Calvin Gaebler, Richard Larson, Larry Schiffner, Ted Facklam, David Krantz, Woody Hipsher, Adelbert Herrold, and Bob Bush.

Three were newcomers in the second grade. Jim Rogers was added to the list in the third grade. Soon followed by Tom Shortbull and Bev Johnson in fourth grade. Tom Barkley joined the group for the first time in the fifth grade, left during the sixth and seventh and returned in the eighth.

Two smiling faces, Margie Schuler and Cindy Angerhofer became members in the first year of Jr. High. Delores Caylor finished out the grade school days joining in the eight grade.

High school rolls out five new people to complete the years. Judy DeYonge in the ninth, Don Stanley in the tenth, and Bob Martinson in the eleventh. The two newest, Bryon Lolley and Ellwood Corbine have come this year of school.

The Rattlerette; May 24, 1965

'65' Senior Class History Stated

The following students (all 201 of them) were members of the class that is graduating. The numbers and letters behind each name represent the years the student came and left.

(* Means graduating

Allen, Kathryn 2-3

Aman, Perry K-3

Anderson, Louis 1-*

Angerhofer, Cindy 1-* (may be typo, JLA)

Arthur, Ron K-*

Artichoker, Gene K-11

Baldwin, Janeane 4-6

Barkley, Tom 5-8-*

Battese, Paul K-3

Benoist, Norman K

Bergeleen, Janice 8-10

Bergen, Cheryl 1

Berritt, Connie K

Birdsall, Tom K-3, 6-11

Bishop, Dan K-6

Black, Jodeen K-10

Bordeaux, Deborah 1

Bordeaux, Lois K

Borneman, Sherrie 1

Brafford, Dennis K-*

Brave, Glenn K-5

Britton, Cynthithia K-9

Britton, Virginia 8-9

Brown, David K

Brown, Robert K-2

Burr, Charlotte K-10

Bush, Charlotte 1-6

Bush, Robert K-*

Caylor, Delores 8-*

Coberly, Claude K-2

Corbett, JoEllen K

Corbine, Elwood 12-*

Cornick, Tully 7-8

Costello, Michael 1-2

Curry, Willard K-1

Dahl, Eugene K-3

Davis, Claudia K

Davis, John K

Davis, Julie K-12

Davis, Penny 8-10

Deeke, Sharon 1-3

Defibaugh, Brant 2

Deprey, Linda 8-9

Deyounge, Judy 9-*

Dill, Mary K

Dille, Christine 3-4

Dyer, Leslie K-11

Eagle, Beverly K

Eastman, Alvin 1-3, 5

Ecoffey, Kathryn 2

Ecoffey, Marjorie 1-6

Eining, Charlene K-2

Ehrler, Michael K-1

Facklam, Ted 4-*

Farrell, Aloma 1-*

Farrell, Rita K-*

Fastwolf, Jon K

Firnekas, Pamela K-9

Flammond, Phyllis K-4, 6

Forman, Carol 1

Gaebler, Calvin K-*

Gallagher, Debra K-2

Garcia, Ernest 1

Garcia, Esther 1

Giedd, Donnie 2

Gilbert, Stanley 1

Gilpin, Richard K-7

Good Crow, Lawrence 1-2

Good Crow, Raymond K-1

Gossard, Lynn 7

Granados, Lolita 1-4

Hagel, Bernetta K-3, 8-11

Herrold, Adelbert K-*

Hipsher, Woody K-*

Hoffer, Wayne K-*

Henderson, Rita K-*

Holguin, Charles K-1

Houska, Ronald 1-7

Hunter, Marilyn K

Ice, Gerald K

Ice, Florine K

Irwin, Connie 1-2, 7

Jacobs, Georgie K-3

Jacobs, Mary K-7

Johnson, Beverly 4-*

Johnson, Sandra 9

Jones, Charles 3-5

Jones, Robin K-*

Jones, Violet K-8

Kanis, Robert K

Kapp, Loretta 2-3

Kelley, Susan 1

Kirby, Rodney K-*

Klemke, Karen K

Krantz, David K-*

Lachelt, Albert K-11

Ladner, June K-11

Lafferty, Duane 3

Lake, Rodger K

LaPlant, Lucille K-3

Larson, Richard K-*

Larvie, Ralph K-8

Lee, Linda 8

Lehman, Harry K-1

Lolley, Bryan 12-*

Lolley, Neil K-3

Lorenz, Douglas K-5

Ludington, Toni K-2

Mann, Connie K

Martinson, Bob 11-*

Massery, William 1-2, 4

McBaius, Margaret K

McCoy, James K-7

McCoy, Shirley 1-11

McElroy, Dennis K-1

McGalliard, Margie K-1

McMillin, Kenneth K-3, 6-8

Mesteth, Stanley 3

Meyer, Robert K

Miller, Donald K-1

Miller, Jean K-1

Mizner, Sharon K-9

Mooney, Livern 6

Moore, Barbara 1-10

Moore, John K-5

Morrison, Marilynn K-7

Mowry, Monte K-4

Murray, Lynn K-3

Nelson, Rodger 11

NoHeart, Andrew 1-8

Nygaard, James K-1

Olson, Steve K-2

Orbaugh, Carolyn K-4

Osterholt, Lyle K-1

Paulson, Jerrie Ann 1

Pourier, Eleavor K-3

Pourier, Phyllis K-5

Powell, August 9-12

Quam, Ronald K

Red Boy, Lester 1

Remington, Annette K

Rennick, Forest 7-9

Richards, Larry K-3

Richardson, Marsha K-11

Rickard, Noel K-*

Riley, Bruce 1-2

Robbins, Frank 3-6

Rodgers, Jim 3-*

Rodrigues, Virginia 1-5

Rolf, Charles K-1

Rosenau, Marsia K-1

Salmon, Sandi K-1

Schick, Penny 1-2

Schiffner, Larry K-*

Schlichenmayer, Johnny K-2

Schmidt, Louis K-3

Schmidt, Henry K-2

Schmitz, Carol K-5

Scholl, Marjene K-4

Schreter, Gregory K

Schuler, Geraldine K-*

Schuler, Margaret 7-*

See, Harold K-3

Shedden, John K-8

Shoop, Kenneth K-1

Shortbull, Tom 4-*

Socha, Rod K-1

Stanley, Don 10-*

Steggall, Louise 7

Stewart, Doug K-*

Strain, Barbara 2-4

Strange, Patricia 1

Surface, Jacquelyn K-1

Sweeney, Mary K-2

Snyder, Donnie K-1

Teeter, Sandi K

Thayer, Thomas K-4

Theisen, Mark K-4

Thompson, Thomas 4

Tinsley, Sandra K-*

Tinsley, Stan K-*

Trowbridge, Kenneth 3-7

Tugel, Deanna K

Turnquist, Pamela K-*

Twiss, Lee 3-4

Underhill, Russell K

Valandra, Paul K

Vance, Cherl K-1

Wallace, Judy 8-9

Walther, Darlene 4

Williams, Jacqueline K-11

Wilson, Lana K-12

Witter, Nancy K-3

Wright, Joyce K-6

Yaukum, John K-5

Young, Charles K-5

Young, Terry K-1

Yunko, Charles K-*


































School Year Grade Enrol.
52-53 K 127
53-54 1 131
54-55 2 99
55-56 3 91
56-57 4 78
57-58 5 68
58-59 6 65
59-60 7 63
60-61 8 61

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