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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 8 page 1 Feb. 19, 1954

Explorer Scouts Win Red Ribbon at Rapid Scout Meet

Explorer Post No. 68 of Igloo brought home the beans last Saturday, receiving a red ribbon for a second award but lost out on the bacon, a blue ribbon for first award at the Scout exhibit held in Rapid City.

Based on the theme Winter Survival, the Scouts built a lean to out of tree limbs and brush, then constructed glare glasses, fire reflectors and small game snares. Each item was built without benefit of tools but with such materials as a person may carry on their person on a hike such as a pocket knife, rope, or ax.

Each object was explained to spectators and all facets of cold weather survival were covered in lectures given by the Scouts.

Participating in the exhibit were Vern Olmstead, Harry Gilpin, Leland Hardman, Sam Snyder, Howard Catlett, Vince Berens, Mike Martinez, and Ray Brown, the latter is the Post Advisor.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 45 page 3 Nov. 6, 1953

Explorer Scouts Discuss Plans For The 1954 Program

Explorer Post No. 68 of the Boy Scouts of America met Monday night to complete plans for their next years program.

Tentative officers of the post were elected and are as follows: Mike Martinez, Senior Patrol Officer; Howie Catlett, Patrol Leader; Howard Gilpin, Quartermaster; Gordon Caparoon, Secretary; and Vern Olmstead, Treasurer. Mr. John Granberg and Mr. Ray Brown acted as advisors.

The Thanksgiving weekend was selected as the date for the final outing of the Explorer Troop.

The next meeting of the Post will be Friday night, November 6, 1953, at the Scout Hall. All youth 14 and over who are interested in scouting are invited to attend.

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