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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 5 No. 14 page 2 April 4, 1957

Pine Ridge Takes Championships In Grade Tourney

Pine Ridge copped both championships in a Basketball Gold Medal Tourney held for the seventh and eigth grades here last Saturday. - - -

Earlier in the day Provo made a clean sweep of the consolation championship by defeating the seventh and eighth grade teams of Edgemont by scores of 32-25 and 58-47 respectively.

- - -

In the consolation for the eighth grade Terry Stuen hit 25 for Provo - - -

In the consolation for the seventh grade Mike Hicks and Dick Sebring of Provo hit 12 and 10 respectively - - -

All tourney team for the seventh grade included Mike Hicks, Provo; Melvin Nygaard, Provo; - - -
Outstanding player from the seventh grade teams was Mike Hicks of Provo, - - - highest percentage of field goals shot and made went to Mike Hicks, Provo. - - -

All tourney team for the eighth grade included - - -; Terry Stuen, Provo; - - -
The medal for sportsmanship for the eighth grade went to Garry Olson of Provo.


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