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Halloween at Igloo

While doing a Google search on Igloo, I ran across the following post by Neato Coolville in 2007.



I've collected old "found" snapshot photos for years and each one has a story to tell, but these stories are usually hidden from us as most photos never come with provenance. Most of the photos in my collection have been found at flea markets, auctions and on ebay. It's fun to speculate and even make up stories to go along with the images, but most of the time these photos haunt me with questions of why in the... where in the... and who the...? This time I have a special treat on Halloween for all of you snapshot fans. I have the true story behind one of the most popular snapshots I've ever posted.

Halloween Robots

I posted a snapshot I simply titled 1950's Halloween Robots on flickr back in 2006. This photo has been marked as a favorite almost 100 times and that's more than any photograph, scan or snapshot in my photostream. Though I can't call this a found photo, but more of a borrowed one as a close friend let me scan this photograph that her Dad snapped many years ago. This year, she let me scan the unmasked photo, which you'll see at the bottom of the page. First, here's the true story about the photo.

In 1958 in the small town of Igloo South Dakota, 49 years ago today, two kids, Allie and Lance were transformed into robots thanks to their creative Dad. He spent hours cutting cardboard, taping edges and brushing on silver paint so his children would look like they had just stepped off of the movie screen at the Hipsher Theater during a Saturday Matinee.

The kids were excited to don their costumes and they fit like a glove, a stiff glove that made it difficult to walk. But these kids didn't care as they had the coolest costumes in town. After they had their photo taken, they left for a Halloween Kiddie Parade where they were a big hit with all the other kids. It wasn't until early evening during the first few houses of trick or treating that the kids had a hard time maneuvering inside their cardboard shells. The little robots started to malfunction as Lance kept running into stuff and poor Allie kept falling down. Because of safety concerns, they called it a night. It was no big deal that they didn't get much in the way of candy and Allie says she wouldn't trade their special "handmade with love" robot costumes for all the treats in the world!

This is the photo of the little robots unmasked and frozen in time, forever anxious for Halloween to begin!

Halloween Robots Unmasked

Thanks Allie for sharing your fun memory and wonderful snapshot with all the Neato Coolville readers.

Neato Coolville

After a little research I determined that Allie and Lance were the younger siblings of a classmate, Cindy Newlin. I contacted Cindy and got the rest of the story!

I remember this picture, I took it of my brother Lance and sister Alice. The time and loving effort that went into the making of "The Robots" was very special. Dad wanted me to be a third "Robot" but I was a cool almost 13 years old at the time and just opted to take the picture. My little brother Brad was almost 2 and not the least bit interested in trying to walk in a box. Memories, aren't they great!

Cindy (Newlin) Gustafson

The following was sent to me by Mike Williams.


A short story, by Michael Williams

The phone rang and I knew who it was before I answered it, "Have you made the reservations yet? I got mine, and Jackie got hers, we are just waiting for you to tell us you have got yours as well! Relax Lana, I made the reservations this morning, and you will never believe this, we have got permission to go to Igloo, on Halloween night, and just look around. I just have to pick up the key at old man Soske's house, but there is a catch, we have to be out no later than 12:00 midnight, or the gate will close automatically and we will be unable to leave the post without help. What do you think? Are you up for this adventure? I know you are, but what about Jackie? You might have to talk her into this." The week passed without incident, as I made ready my suitcases I had planned to take on this nostalgic trip. I had planned to drive to Minneapolis, and pick up Jackie, then head for points west, and ultimately IGLOO. We were then to meet Lana at the Rapid City airport, and then the three of us drive down to Igloo taking old highway 79. I don't know what it was about that place, I had been gone from there almost forty-two years, but I still could remember what the place was like, not only what it was like but down to the most intricate detail, some times that was scary. I knew that Lana had the same sense of dey-ja vieu as well. I wonder if she was feeling a little anxious like I was, I couldn't place it, but something was knawing at me, and it just would not go away. Perhaps it was remembering bits and pieces of what had happened years ago at Provo, the little town next to Igloo on Halloween night, where three kids disappeared while trick-or-treating. The authorities looked high and low for those kids, but to no avail, they were never found… some people think they were abducted by aliens, while some people think they stepped into the quicksand pit that was between Provo and Igloo, while still others think that the kids accidentally opened some time portal, where they were whisked away into another dimension. There would be plenty of time for conjecture and extrapolation by the three of us on the way down to Igloo, now that we were all educated adults.

Chapter II

The sun was coming up over the horizon when we neared the Rapid City Regional Airport, and I told Jackie to wake up as we were almost there, and soon would meet Lana, and be on our way to this most awesome adventure. Lana made the trip from back east without incident, and it didn't take long for us to load her suitcases in the truck, and be on our way, we were all anxious to get going. The plan was to drive to Edgemont, and stay the night at Stockman's hotel, and just take the next day perusing the town, and thinking up some strategies that we could use for this evening, being that today was Halloween. We had a leisurely dinner, and we decided to leave somewhat early so if we ran into any difficulties, we would have time to fix them before the sun went down. We made the trip from Edgemont to Igloo in less than fifteen minutes, but as we got closer and closer to the town, we all seemed to get quieter, no doubt each of us lost in their own thoughts. We finally hit the corner where one road went to Provo, and the other road went to Igloo, I paused there for just a minute, and rolled down the window and listened to the wind, I had almost forgotten that the wind never stops there, it was eerie, and I know that I was not the only one feeling that way judged by the looks on the faces of my two sisters. I ask them if they were ready to go back in time, and really remember how and what it was like to experience Halloween in a small Midwest town like Igloo. They looked at me somewhat furtively, and replied in unison, "Let's go!!!" I pulled into the driveway of old man Soske, and the house was all dark except for a couple of lanterns, and one candle burning in the window. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, despite it being only 3:00 p.m. I knocked on the door once, and waited, then I knocked again, and a grizzled old man answered the door, and asks me in baritone voice "Who are you, and state your business." I told him who we were and why we were there. I explained to him that we had grown up in Igloo and had come back partly because of curiosity, and also nostalgia. After chatting for a few minutes, the old man went looking for the key for the lock on the front gate of the Igloo post. After what seemed a long period of time, he finally came back to the door, and extended a gnarled old hand toward me with the key in his grizzled old fingers. He gave me the key but not before looking at all of us and saying: "You kids make damn sure you are out of the post before midnight, otherwise you might never make it out." He appeared to be concerned, and when I asked him to explain, he simply just said. "There are some damn strange things happening there lately, and I just don't know how to explain them, just be out of there I tell you." We said our goodbyes, and left him standing in the yard, and as we were leaving, I noticed the old man was staring after us as I looked in the rearview mirror. I didn't say anything to the girls, as I did not want to spook Jackie. None of us spoke as we left the house, and traversed the nearly one-half mile of dirt road that finally came to the tar. At last we only had one mile to go until we reached the front gate of the post. My mind was thinking at what the old man had said, and Lana blurted out exactly what I was thinking.. "What the hell do you think he was talking about? Do you think it had some thing to do with the disappearance all those years ago? My sentiments exactly sis.' I said, I looked at Jackie and there was a look of consternation/fear on her face, but she never said a thing. Well one things for sure guys I said, We will get the chance to do what we did 45 years ago, lets think about that, and get in the right frame of mind, lets see, the year is now 1962, we just got back from Rodriquez's bobbing for apples in Provo, and now we are cut loose on the city to collect all of our candy knowing that we will travel to Hipsher's theatre, and watch three scary movies. As we started down the hill towards the post, we went over the bridges and it was just like we were going back in time, as many memories started going through my subconscious. I could remember countless times going over the bridges before, and sure enough, the old car body was still in the ditch, where we used to hunt rabbits. We saw the dam and all three of us said: "Hey, remember when." and we all three started telling separate stories about the dam, clearly, we were all remembering, and then we were in front of the gate.

Chapter III

We all sat there a few minutes, not saying anything, clearly lost in our own thoughts. "Well," I said, "were here!" No one said a thing, I looked around to see both of the girls clearly thinking, and remembering, lost in their own memories. The adventure we had planned and had talked about was here, it was right in front of us! All we had to do was open the gate but, were we ready? Were we ready to travel back four and one-half decades and relive one night? Would it be the same? Would we look at everything the same? The only way to find out was to open the gate. We sat there a moment longer, when we heard what appeared to be wailing, it sounded as if it were coming from around the same geographical location as the 700 block, or more precisely, around the culverts across from the retaining wall. We all looked at each other and finally Lana said: "What are we waiting for? Let's go!!!" So we got out of the truck, and went to the front gate. The time was 3:30 pm, 2006.

Chapter IV

The key to the gate was about 7 inches long, and fit into the lock like a glove, I turned it clockwise two turns and the locked made a loud audible click, and the gate pushed open sounding exactly like something out of a Vincent Price movie, Boy, was this ever shaping up to be a spooky Halloween!! We managed to get the gate open, and I told Lana to hold it open while I drove the truck through. I jumped back in the truck, and drove through the front gate, I picked up the girls, and said "Where to?" I knew where I wanted to go, but wanted to hear from both the girls to see if indeed we were on the same page. Both the girls in unison said, "Let's go to where we used to live" and I replied, "I was hoping you guys would say that," and with that we were off to who knows what. As we were leaving, I noticed the gate closing automatically but did not say anything to the girls. We were all full of anticipation and expectation as to what we might see and experience this particular night. We drove to the first intersection, and there we paused, looking at what used to be the big hill, and how much different it looked now. We then talked about what lay to the right of the intersection, that being the way to the movie house, community building, and swimming pool/swamp coolers. We then thought about what lay to the left of the intersection, and we all knew where we would have to start our adventure, so I turned the truck left and before we knew it we were cruising by good old PHS, the further we went the more butterflies my stomach was feeling, I couldn't understand why I was feeling this way, only that I was. Evidently, it was familiar; as both the girls said the same thing the closer we got to where we used to live. The big yellow full-moon lit up the little prairie as we neared the culverts, and I slowed down and told the girls to look at the shadows the culverts were casting, I ask them if they wanted to go down and take a look, but I only got nervous laughs from them both. We then reached the retaining wall, which I remember as being very big, but now, however, it looked to be only about four feet high. I guess it is true in what they say: "You can never go back home and think it will be the same." I said: "Can you believe it? The size of that wall, remember how big it used to be?" Things sure looked different without any houses to go by, it was kind of difficult to remember where to turn with all the weeds that were growing in the street. But our sense of instinct/direction was strong, and I stopped and said. "This is where we turn." We then turned right and then turned to the left that would take us to our old house, and as we were traveling along the alley, commenting to each other on who used to live where, something happened; between where Giagoes, and Henderson's lived, the truck began to shake, and there was a deafening roar, and a blinding flash of light, and the truck moved from side to side, as if we were in a tornado, "What is happening Jackie screamed from the back seat?" I was holding to the steering wheel, and I looked at Lana, she was grabbing on to the "oh shit bar" looking like she was riding a bronco, and she yelled, "Look out" as something came flying by the truck, wow! I said that was close we almost got hit by something, did you see what it was I asked? I couldn't see out of the windows as a dense fog appeared, but Jackie said I think it was a garbage can. A garbage can I said that's impossible, there is no one living here, and then we all seen it.

Chapter V

"Are you seeing what I am seeing?" I said. Both of the girls together said "Are you seeing the light? Yes, but how could that be? There was no one living here for years", now, all of a sudden, there is a row of houses, all with lights in them, and we were right across from the yellow posts, next to McCoy's, and our house was lit up as well. I rubbed my eyes, as it was still somewhat difficult to see because of this fog, where had that come from? What I could see clearly was my divers watch with the luminescent hands, and time and date, and what I was seeing I did not believe, nor could I understand how this could be possible. I told the girls to look at my watch, as the time and date appeared to each of us. It said 3:30 pm October 31st, 1962. No way, something is going on here I said! Look, Jackie said, the playground, it has got kids all over, let's go see if we recognize anyone. So we pulled the truck over next to the old grey shed, by our house and opened the doors. We all got out of the truck about the same time, and before we had taken five steps we started to change as well. I didn’t notice anything until Lana yelled at me saying, "Look at you, You are shrinking." I didn't feel any different, but my watch no longer fit my wrist, but I wasn't the only one who was changing, both of the girls started to change before my eyes, and before long we were all 15, 14 & 12 again. I started to laugh as I remembered how my sisters looked as young ladies, but then Jackie, always the most reserved among the three of us, said "How do we get back?" Lana said "Don't worry lets see what happens this night", and I being the youngest, again had no say, so I went along with what ever the plan was.

Chapter VI

I voted that we all go to our house to see if there was anyone there, and since we were all in agreement, that is where we went first. Boy how strange we felt possessing a 21st century mind and wisdom, in a 20th century environment. We climbed the three steps, and pushed open the door and proceeded to walk in. The smells of pumpkin pie permeated the room. There on the table was a big pumpkin carved in a malevolent face with a big note attached to it. The note said: "Welcome, Williams Kids, we have been expecting you. This will not be an ordinary night for you, as you have to accomplish some things if you want to travel back to the home you know." We all looked at each other and thought, "What does this mean?" It was not until we read the note in its entirety that we fully understood the full ramifications of what we were up against. We had apparently opened the same time portal that the three kids opened in 1962, and were to be made to remain there forever if the conditions of the doctrine were not fulfilled to the letter this night prior to the witching hour of midnight. The note instructed us to participate in the trick-or-treating that we were used to when we were kids, and that when we each got a large grocery sack full of candy we were to go to the theatre for further instructions. We had to be at the theatre no later than 11:00 pm. So we got to thinking how are we going to cover that much ground? I said , we can use the truck, people here don't seem to see the truck, so I'll drive and take you two both trick-or-treating. All of a sudden I said, "If this happened to us , how will the rest of the town appear? There is only one way to find out" Jackie said, let's go downtown. We hopped into the truck, and took off towards downtown, and the first thing we noticed, was that the retaining wall appeared to be big again, and if the wall was big, then the culverts should be as we had remembered them as well. When we got to the intersection, we went by it and turned left, and went to Anderson's store, and bought masks that we could wear. Nothing was said when we paid for the masks in 21st century coin, as old man Anderson didn't even notice. As we turned to leave I pointed out to the girls, the comic books isle. Lana said "No way! Look at all these comics, lets buy some", I was all for that because I knew what they were worth now. We both picked twenty comic books apiece as they were only .10 cents. Then we spied the candy isle, there in the middle row was "Chum gum" and I could not resist, and bought two dollars worth. I couldn"t wait, when we got to the truck, I quickly peeled open one of the gum packages, and popped both pieces into my mouth, Wow, was that ever good, I remember well the sweet taste of the gum, and Lana was saying "Give me some too." We got the masks and took off to complete our mission, filling up our candy bags. We started south of the intersection and worked north, up the hill, and by the time we hit the grade school, we had all three bags filled to the rim with candy. We then headed for the theater, and awaited further instructions. We drove to the theater and parked behind, and walked to the front and there was a person in a long robe who motioned for us to follow him which we did, he led us to the anteroom, behind the stage and proceeded to inform us that if we wanted to get back to our own time that we had to go to the culverts and retrieve the golden amulet that was located somewhere between the culverts by the retaining wall and cowboy land, we were to take this amulet when found, and take it over to the cemetery in Igloo, and go to the grave of SHALIKO BURNETT and lay it on top and tap the stone three times. If we could do this all before midnight, then we could not only travel back to our own time but save the kids that were lost in 1962 as well. Well, that didn't sound too bad but who was going to be the one who would make the journey underground in the cement tunnels? Jackie was out of the question, she would hyperventilate, Lana was claustrophobic, so that left me, who already had some experiences in tight enclosed places, (toy boxes) so without a lot of fanfare, I said, I'll do it. We quickly left the theater, and proceeded to drive to the culverts by the retaining wall. I was not going to go into the culverts without some 21st century technology. I made sure I had my cell phone,( which did not work,) but provided some major light in an enclosed space, and I grabbed my maglite, which had fresh batteries, and would give me comfort in the hour to come. I told the girls that one should remain there, and the other take the truck and travel to cowboy land and wait for me to appear, but if I failed to arrive within the next hour, to travel back to the theatre and look for the man in the long robe. Jackie remained at the culverts, and Lana took the truck, and drove to the entrance to cowboy land and awaited my arrival. We synchronized our watches, and knew we had less that one hour to find the amulet, and get it to the cemetery. I took a long look at the outside and without another word, turned around and faced the culverts, turning on my maglite as I went forward. The first thing that alerted my olfactory senses was the smell, it was somewhere between moldy and decaying, and I remembered that smell well, it was like I had never left. I managed to go almost 100 yards before the culvert started to get smaller, and I remembered that many times we had gone this far but never beyond, for fear of rattlesnakes. But, I did not have any choice, I had to keep going, and that is exactly what I did. It seemed to me that I had been traveling at least an hour, but in looking at my watch, only 5 minutes had elapsed, I was making good time, and I settled in to the task at hand, trying to get to where I needed to be, when I shined the powerful beam ahead of me, and it seemed to move a little, I slowed down and trained the concentrated beam up ahead of me and sure enough my eyes had not deceived me, something was moving and it looked big.

Chapter VII

I squinted as I concentrated my beam of light even more narrow, and I knew at once the movement, it was a snake, and it was not little. A bit of sweat started on my brow, despite the coolness of the culvert, I was trying to think of a way I could overcome this obstacle when I looked again and it was gone…. In my hasty attempt to train the maglite on the spot where I saw it last, my hand moved too quickly and I hit the side of the culvert, dropping the maglite, and I was instantly engulfed in a darkness that seemed to permeate my every cell. I stifled the urge to turn and run blindly back the way I had come when I said to myself think. Think. And I remembered my cell phone, I quickly opened it up and a strong bluish light appeared before me. Such a welcome sight was the light that I almost forgot the task at hand. I quickly located the maglite, and upon closer inspection, saw that the bulb was broken and would not work again. I thought what else could go wrong when I remembered I had a spare bulb in the back of the flashlight, and I quickly disassembled the light, and removed the extra bulb and quickly placed it where the old one had been. Immediately there was a brilliant flash of light and my maglite was again up and operating. I quickly replaced my cell phone praising myself for the forethought of taking it in the first place. I quickly shone the light in the direction of the snake, but could not find any sign of it. I took off fairly fast aware of the need to make up the time I had spent on the light, when I noticed another branch of the culvert this one much smaller that the main one. I approached cautiously and shined my light in the branch of the culvert, and saw the snake about 20 yards in, and when I saw that I breathed a little easier. Now I could really concentrate on making time, and that is just what I did. I could manage a trot, half hunched over, it was a hard and grueling pace, but necessary, and I figured when I stopped to take a short rest I had traveled about one half mile, and I should be at the entrance to cowboy land and the engineers' shop in another 10 minutes or so. I wondered how the girls were holding up, and then I saw this eerie light ahead of me way off to the left. I wondered what it was but never slowed down, instead increased my pace somewhat, and concentrated my maglite even more than it was before, so that it looked like a sharp lance piercing the night. I got to within about 20 feet of the light and I could see that it too was in yet another branch of the main culvert. I glanced quickly, for any snakes and seeing none I shone my light beam on a most magnificent piece of gold I had ever seen. 'It must be the amulet' I thought. I looked around for any obvious traps, but seeing none, I reached for the gold amulet. I thought to myself, that this is way too easy, there has got to be some trap, and then my eye saw what appeared to be some sort of a fine wire attached to the corner of the amulet, and upon closer examination, I could see that the wire attached to what looked like sharpened pieces of steel re-bar on the side of the culvert itself. I looked around for anything I could use to maintain the tension on the wire, and found a piece of willow that lay in the bottom of the culvert, and as I dislodged the willow from the culvert crack, I was thinking of a way to attach the willow to the wire, when I thought, duh, you have the best glue right in your mouth, and I took the six pieces of Chum gum out of my mouth and attached the gum to the wire then to the willow, and gently placed the willow back in the crack in the bottom of the culvert, thereby maintaining a constant pressure on the wire. That being done, I quickly placed the golden amulet in my shirt, and raced for the culvert entrance to cowboy land which I estimated to be about 200 meters distant. I scurried along for another three minutes, and then I saw the exit, the entrance to Cowboy land. Good, I thought, Lana should be waiting; I looked at my watch and saw that the excursion in the culvert had taken 45 minutes. We had not a minute to lose, we had to go back and pick up Jackie, get up to the cemetery, find the grave of one SHALIKO BURNETT and tap the headstone three times. I finally broke out of the confines of the culvert and as I came through to the outside there was Lana standing there ready to hit me with a big stick, she had the look of a wild woman, poised and ready to strike. "Don't hit me" I said, "It's me Mike." "Boy am I glad to see you." Lana said, "I didn't know if you were going to make it through or not, did you have any trouble?" Not wanting to take the time to explain what I had gone through, I just said "Naw, let's go get Jackie."

Chapter VIII

We made the half mile in record time, and saw Jackie coming up the hill from the culverts, and she said "I am so happy to see you guy's I didn't want to be here by myself, it is just too spooky." When we were all together again in the truck, I started to head for the cemetery, and Jackie said, "Did you get the amulet?" I opened up my shirt and showed the amulet to both the girls, and they stared at it in awe, both saying that they had never seen anything like it! We arrived at the cemetery, and we decided to split up, each of us going to search for a different area. The full moon was huge, and the clouds going by made it very spooky in the cemetery, especially with the prairie wind and fog that was rolling in. It didn't take long when Jackie said: "Over here I think I have found it." Both Lana and I rushed over and looked, and sure enough, we were standing over the grave of one SHALIKO BURNETT. I looked at my watch, and we had just six minutes to spare. I quickly took the amulet and gave it to Lana to tap on the grave three times, which she did, and as soon as she hit the headstone for the third time, all hell broke loose, the headstone virtually exploded, knocking over all three of us, and then the brightest light we had ever seen shone over the whole cemetery. When we finally got our wits about us, we noticed that there were three more kids there in the cemetery with us, and as they came over to us we recognized the clothes that were worn in the mid 1960’s and Jackie said I bet those are the kids from Provo, and before we could answer, one of the kids came over to us and said "Thank You for releasing us from the power of the amulet, we did not think that you guys could over come the evil gypsies that control the power of the amulet. Now that you have released us you have to dispose of the amulet once and for all." I asked "How do we do that?"

Chapter IX

He replied, "You have to take the amulet to the quicksand pit that is located between Provo and Igloo, and throw it out in the middle and watch it sink. Once it is out of sight, then we and the rest of mankind will never have to worry, as the amulets spell will have been broken and the evil gypsies will never command it's power. You then need to get back to where you first entered the time portal, as it will only be there and accessible for one more hour." So now there was six of us , so we all loaded up in the truck, and headed for the front gate and to points southwest for the quicksand pit. Once we arrived we wasted no time in going to the edge of the pit, and I took a big rock and threw it out on the pit to see if in fact it did work as it was supposed to, and sure enough within one minute the rock disappeared. So I took the amulet, and wrapped it in a piece of plastic and hurled it out over the quicksand pit and we all watched as the amulet faded from sight as we turned around, the three kids were disappearing as well, and as they disappeared, they again said thanks, and waved to us. Well we had better get going back to our house to see if the portal was still there, I drove fast not wanting to miss our only chance to get back to our time, and as we got back to where we needed to be, there was our house, looking just like it did forty years ago, and as we passed the house we were immediately engulfed in a thick fog, so I slowed down heading for the Giagoes, and Hendersons alley when we were again assailed by the high wind and again we started to rock back and forth, for what appeared to be hours, but in reality, only minutes had elapsed, then all of a sudden we were back by the retaining wall and culverts, and the first realization was that everything was the same as before, the wall looked like it was only four feet high, I immediately got out of the truck, and moved to the side, I wanted to see the culverts for myself, and sure enough they appeared extremely small now, there was no easy I could fit into them now…. Yet hadn't I just gone almost one-half mile underground in these same culverts? The girls must have read my mind, as we all said in unison, "Did this really happen?" I got back in to the truck and told the girls, well have you guys had enough? Should we go back to Edgemont and stay the night? They both replied hastily "YES." We got to the front gate and it was already opened, a fact that I was happy about. When we were well away from the old post, the girls asked me again, "Did this really happen, and did we really travel back in time?" I replied, "I don't know, I don't know", and then I looked at my console, and it was filled with brand new comic books, and twenty packs of Chum gum, but that"s another story.

Epilogue: We all traveled back home together, Lana electing to drive with us back to Minneapolis, then catching a flight out from there to back East. Not much was said on the journey back home, but each of us could tell that something profound had happened, and we were having a difficult time processing just what did happen, and what we should discuss with other folks, and what we should not say at all. Finally I said "Look guys, the three of us know what happened, there is absolutely NO reason why anyone else should know anything that transpired while we were at Igloo, Agreed?" Both girls said in unison: "Agreed!!!" "Oh by the way girls I just wanted to you to know that the number one issue of Turok Son Of Stone is currently selling for $10,000 in mint condition." "What does that have to do with anything the girls ask?" I replied, "I just happen to have twenty copies in mint condition."

Hopefully I will be able to add more later. Let me know if you have any Igloo Halloween stories or pictures. Jim


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