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The Edgemont Tribune
June 26, 1946

Junior Rifle Club Organized at Igloo

Washington, D. C., June 24 - With the incorporation of 14 young riflemen, a Igloo group will be added to the growing list of junior shooting clubs. A charter has been granted to the Junior Rifle Club of Igloo, the National Rifle Association said today.

Membership is open to boys and girls under 18, according to Philip Hatfield, Igloo, who will teach the youngsters the various phases of target shooting under the official rules of the National Rifle Association. Shooting will be "small bore" or .22 caliber, one of the most accurate types of rifles and widely used in the target sport.

President of the new club is James Woytassek. Two of the major purposes of the group according to Hatfield are to give boys and girls instruction in the fundamentals of rifle shooting and to train them how to handle firearms safely.

Other club officers are: Vernard Mills, vice-president; Robert Fletcher, executive officer and secretary; and Harry Richardson, treasurer. Competitions in target shooting are expected to be held at a later date.


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