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American Federation of Government Employees, Local 1549

The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 23 page 7 June 5, 1953

Union Workers At Depot Have New Affiliation

At a recent meeting of the CIO Government Workers Union, the members voted to give up their charter and become affiliated with the American Federation of Government Employees, a union comprised of federal employees, only.

Al Vilhauer, former president of the CIO organization and head of the new local 1549, A.F.G.E., said that the Government Workers Union has workers as members who are not federal employees and that the Igloo group felt the A.F.G.E. would better protect the interest of the local membership.

The A.F.G.E., Vilhauer continued, will make every effort to have legislation passed to abolish the Thomas rider, which prohibits government employees from accumulting annual leave.

Vilhauer expressed belief that the new organization at the Depot should attract more members because of its consistent record of successful representation of the workers interests.

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 1 pages 1 and 2 Jan. 1, 1954

Colonel Wickens States The Depot Policy On Groups

Depot Commander, Paul N. Wickens this week called attention to the Department of the Army and local depot policy regarding the Depot's reglationship to employee groups.

The Colonel said the local policy, although a part of BHOD regulations for many years, had apparently been misunderstood by some workers. He said the policy was to be followed not only to the letter of the law, but in its pirit and intent.

The Army's policy as found in Civilian Personnel Regulation E2 and adhered to at BHOD is as follows:

"It is the policy of the Department of the Army to recognize the right of employees to organize into groups, to give prompt consideration to petitions or presentations of the groups and to allow them freedom to pursue a program of activities consistent with the purpose of the organization and within the limits imposed by the circumstances of Government employment. In recognizing this right, it will be expressly understood that no one group can be considered as solely representing the interest of all employees of an installation. Futhermore, employment of any workers will not be contingent upon their membership in any organization, because membership in employee organizations is entirely voluntary in the Department of the Army. The relationship of employees to the Department of the Army is independent of the fact of membership in an employee organization.

New employees during initial orientation are advised by Personnel Office representatives of the fact that they may join, or refrain from joining any group without interference, coercion, restraint, discrimination, or reprisal, unless the group advocates the overthrow of the government or membership therein be in violation of the Hatch Act. The orientation talks also includes a statement that the standing of employees will not be affected adversly because of membership or nonmembership so long as they show their loyalty to the govenment service and their performance at work is satisfactory.

Representatives of the Personnel Office has also been discussing the general policy statement at group meetings held in the field during the past month.

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 1 page 1 Jan. 1, 1954

Lloyd Torkelson Is Named President of Igloo NFFE

Knowing presidential timber when they see it, the members of the Igloo local of National Federation of Federal Employers elected Lloyd Torkelson as their president for 1954, at the annual election Monday night.

Torkelson, who has just finished his term as president of the Civilian Welfare Council, will not be without the title of president for another year, at least. His term with the Council expires at midnight December 31, and his presidency with the union local starts at 1 second after midnight.

Don DuBois was elected vice-president and Fay Canfield was named secretary of the five-year-old employers' group.

The retiring officers are: Loren Bingham, president, Lloyd Torkelson, vice-president and Bob Edwards, secretary and treasurer. Edwards has been transferred to Ellsworth Air Force Base.

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 1 page 2 Jan. 1, 1954

Vilhauer Re-Elected Prsident Of Local 1549, AFGE, Monday

At their annual election meeting, held at the Community Building Monday night, the local organization of the American Federation of Government Employees re-elected Al Vilhauer to succeed himself.

Other officers re-elected were: Ben Toffelmire, vice-president; Raymond Capp, treasurer; and Howard Jones, Chairman of the Grievance Committee.

Mrs. William Arlt was elected secretary of the local.

It is President Vilhauers intention of continuing a news column in the WALRUS.

The Walrus; Vol. III, No. 51; page 1; The local chapter of the National Federation of Federal Employees elected Don DuBois as president at the annual election this week. Serving on the executive staff with him will be Henry Hagen as vice-president and Faye Canfield as secretary-treasurer. DuBois is a crew chief at the local Fire Department.

Hot Springs Star

Hot Springs, South Dakota

Thursday, January 27, 1966

union officers

The 1966 officers of the Black Hills Army Depot American Federation of Government Eployees, local 1549, have a combined total of over 75 years Federal service. Administering affairs of the local are, left to right, Edwin G. Zeestraten, a foreman of railroad trackmen, secretary and treasurer; safety inspector Elmer Hagel, president; foreman Richard Zimmerman, vice president; bracer and blocker foreman, Alvin I. ackerman, chairman executive committee, and steam fitter Julius Buechler, chairman, grievance committee.

Although the union has lost over 100 members, thru transfers of career employees to other defense installations during the past 20 months, president Hagel said the organization will continue to serve members until the depot's closure June 30, 1967.

The local is affiliated with the Black Hills Council of AFGE Lodges, embracing BHAD, Hot Springs, Sturgis, and Rapid City.

Membership list, January 24, 1966: Lodge 1549 of the National Federation of Federal Employees; Elmer Hagel, President; Richard Zimmerman, Vice-President; Edwin G Zeestraten, Secretary-Treasurer; Alvin T. Ackerman, Chairman of Executive Committee; and Julius Buechler, Chairman of Grievance Committe.

Regular members: Justice B. Olmstead, Warner O. Sisley, David H. Yardley, Richard Abrams, Elmer Hagel, Leslie J. Sandusky, Lyle L. McCleerey, Vincent L. Goodman, Richard L. Zimmerman, Traugott Weidenmeyer, Julius Buechler, Alvin T. Ackerman, Edwin G. Zeestraten, Arthur E. Bond, Rose K. Weidenmeyer, Laurence W. Rhoades, Vern Price, Donald M. Rogers, Ludwig Schmidt, Floyd E. Osterholt, Calvin Kautz, Sr., Marion C. Burr, John E. Grischkowsky, Kenneth Rex Shoop, James A. Jacobsen and Clifford Naasz.

Retired members: George L. Dappen, John E. Erpelding, Benedict Earl Eck, Dewey Allgood, John F. Mayer, Olaf A. Hagen, Vincent J. Berens, Carl Carpenter and Alfred O. Russell.


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