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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 17 page 8 Apr. 24, 1953

Scions Of Scrappy Sioux See Modern Muntions

machine shop tour

These scions of the proud and war-like Sioux of yesteryear found modern muntions a far cry from the
bow and arrow of their forebears, as they visited BHOD. As modern as the instruments of war they saw
being processed, these high school seniors visited the Depot during an educational tour of the Hills
under the direction of officials of the Cheyenne Reservation. They were particularly fascinated by
the Depot's huge machine shop where they found a diesel locomotive (right, background) in the process
of repair. Eugene Coberly, left foreground, is operating the lathe and Ed Eissler, a drill press.
To the right, partially hidden, is Ed Fiester using an electric band saw. In charge of the group was
Bud Warner, fifth from left with glasses, principal of the Cheyenne Reservation High School.
Behind Warner are John Diehl, English teacher and senior sponsor and Leonard Lay, placement officer
from Mobridge. Third from right is Russell Bohart, Chief of Maintenance Branch.

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