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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 2 page 5 Jan. 9, 1953

Internal Audit Office Established

A new organization, the Internal Audit Office, has just been added to the Depot Headquarters. The new office will be headed by John Ahern as chief. Space has been allocated on the second foor of the Administration Building between the Civilian Personnel Office and Procurement. Mr. Ahern has been employed by the Army Audit Agency as Resident Auditor.

Functions of the new office will include planning, scheduling, and performing all internal audit functions pertaining to appropriated and non-appropriated fund activities within the depot in connection with those audit responsibilities of the depot commander.

Other chages in the depot headquarters have recently been made, John Sweeney has been named Civilian Executive Assistant to the Commanding Officer. Mr. Sweeney will function as the principal civilian staff advisor to the Commanding Officer. Frank Begert has been promoted to fill the vacancy as Chief of the Management Office, and the entire Management Office has been moved to the south side of the Administration Building on the first floor.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 4 pages 1 and 6 Jan. 23, 1953

Management Office Looks After Depot's Needs

Management Office

Seated at his desk is Frank W. Begert, Chief of the Management Office at Black Hills Ordnance Depot.
Standing behind him are, left to right -
Wynona T. Pourier, Margaret E. Shepherd, Ernest L. Schneider and Kenneth R. Hertha.

by "Stretch" Schneider

As installations grow and activities become larger and more complex, a point is reached where it becomes impossible for the depot commander and his operating personnel to devote full attention to over all improvements in organization and functions. At this point the Management Office is established.

The purpose of our Management Office and its Staff is to act as a consultant to the Depot Commander and the operating heads in bringing about improvements within the Black Hills Ordnance Depot. To do this, the office is divided into three Branches under the Chief. A brief summary of the major tasks of these branches will familiarize you with the work involved in each.

The Manpower and Statistical Branch provides statistical and graphic information to reflect depot production activities; reviews depot cost reports and prepares periodic analyses: develops performance standards; forecasts and obtains personnel ceilings; controls allotment of personnel ceilings and makes manpower surveys; and reviews job orders.

The Management Analysis Branch provides management consulting service; controls organizational structure; conducts internal management appraisal studies; surveys existing procedures and develops new procedures; reviews technical SOPs; and administers a work simplification program.

The Administrative, Reports, and Forms Control Branch administers the program for control of reports and forms and furnishes stenographic and typing services to the office.

Within these branches are embodied the eight principles of the Management Improvement Program which was established by Congress and can be summarized as follows: 1. Work Simplification, 2. Internal Management Appraisal, 3. Organization Review and Control, 4. Procedural Review and Analyses, 5. Reports, Forms, and Records Control, 6. Statistical and Graphic Reflection of Activities, 7. Cost Analysis and Performance Standards, and 8. Personnel Strength Control.

Unlike the operating officials who must carry on their regularly assigned production duties, the Management Staff is able to give full time assistance to a problem; offering specialized training and experience to conduct surveys, and make recommendations for improvement of operations. The Management Office performs these duties on a staff level, offering recommendations which are effective only when approved by the Depot Commander or the operating officials concerned. During the past six months numerous studies have been completed and recommendations made by our office. As a example, a major improvement in work simplification has been the implementation of the new procedure of recording intra-depot shipments. Among a number of surveys now in progress is a study of the office equipment, such as desks, office machines, file cabinets, etc., on the depot and with the purpose of discovering the extent to which this equipment is utilized.

Your Management Office and its staff is interested in each depot organization and function, and offers its specialized services to assist you with your management problems.

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