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May 11, 1946
Miss Geneva Myhre to Richard Schreckenhaust

May 15, 1946
Lt. Marjorie Hosler to Lt. Vernon Dehner

June 26, 1948
Miss Donna Harbaugh to John Parks

Sept. 25, 1949
Mrs. Margaret Collins to Murdoch Johnson

Sept. 10, 1952
Miss Thelma Mae Cronk to Robert Paul Groh

Dec. 14, 1952
Miss Evelyn Schnitger to Howard Schumacher

June 26, 1953
Miss Phyllis Fryett to Roger Yardley

July, 1954
Miss Monica Hand to Barney Bayer
Miss Esther Anderson to Harold Waltman

Jan.3, 1959
Miss Marlene Robb to Reldon Doyle

December, 1959
Miss Jerry Ann Thompson to Don Chrisco

I ran across a obit. that included a marriage in Igloo. William R. Degnan's obituary in 2004 stated that he married Mavis Lyons on June 23, 1978, in Igloo, South Dakota. At first I thought this must be a typo because Igloo had closed 11 years earlier. Then the wheels clicked and I remembered that the Officers Club had been remodeled into the Sagebrush Inn and activities including marriages occured during that period. Not exactly like the earlier marriages in the Chapel, but marriages none the less.


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