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The Igloo Magazine

Vol. X No. 23 pages 7 and 9 June 6, 1947


On Memorial Day Igloo traveled to Hemingford, Nebr., to take on the fast club from that city. The ground was wet, snow was piled along the road, not much of a day for baseball.

Igloo came out on top of a game featured by base hits, runs and errors. Igloo gathered 19 runs, 20 hits, and 13 errors; Hemingford 16 runs, 14 hits, and 7 errors. Red Hair, the starting pitcher, was removed in the 2nd inning to replace Deans in center field, when Brave stopped a fast one with his fingers, Deans coming in to catch. The score was then 5 to 1 in favor of Hemingford.

Hopkins took over the mound, but was replaced by Pourier in the last of the 9th. There was one man out and three on. The score was Hemingford 15, Igloo 19. Percy walked one man, forcing in a run, and then struck out the next two for a win for Igloo.

The 7th and 9th innings were the payoff. Igloo in the 7th got 7 runs on five hits; in the 9th it was 6 runs on 4 hits. Everyone on the Igloo club hit safely, with Pourier getting 4 for 6, Kusler 3 for 6, Deans 4 for 6, Moore 2 for 6, Armstrong 2 for 3 and Dehner 2 for 5.

The home run twins, Kusler and Moore, did it again, Kusler in the 3rd, Moore in the 9th. Deans and Red Hair stole everthing loose, and would have taken more only the fans objected.

Deans played his last game with us. He leaves this week for Korea. He was a real baseball player and will be hard to replace. Nicklas also leaves this week for the Philippines. Happy voyage, fellows: See you in March of 1949.

The following games are in prospect, weather permitting: Igloo at Hot Springs Saturday, June 7th; Edgemont at Igloo Sunday June 8th. This Sunday game will be the first league game of the season. Game will be called at 2:30. Give the boys your support. They are a real ball club.

We must thank Johnnie Barron who fixed up the bus at Hemingford, after the local fans showed their good sportsmanship by crossing the wires on the bus, and then wanting to give our boys a bad time. We hope that nothing like that will ever happen here in Igloo to a visiting club.

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