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The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 51 page 4 Dec. 26, 1952

Shepherds' Christmas

Shown above is the cast of the Provo grade school's presentation "The Shepherds' Christmas". Approximately 225 pupils took part in the pageant, the above group consisting of second, third and fourth graders. Directing the play was Miss Bowker, assisted by Mrs. Aderholt, Mrs. Little and Mrs. Gayhart. Fourth Grader Amy Johnson was the student director. The play was presented for the public in the Provo High School Auditorium last Friday morning.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 51 page 3 Dec. 18, 1953

Graders Bring Christmas To Life In Annual Yuletide Offering Today

The theme of the grade school Christmas Program, to be held at the High School Auditorium at 9:15 this morning, is "Living Pictures of Christmas Music" and the annual presentation will be ushered in with the choral reading, "Twas The Night Before Christmas" with Clarence Richardson as Santa Claus, and James Resseguie and D. Dappen as the children. Choral readers will be Joan Catlett, Judy Schook, Diane Drapeau, Benje Segura, Cathy Schmidt, Heather Tinsley, Judith Massery, Linda Hedglin, Diana Thomas and Cherry Robb.

Following is the balance of the program: "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Raindeer', Chorus, Fourth Grade; Mrs. Maxine Syverts and Mrs. Rachel Keane, teachers.

"Christmas Toys", First Grades; Blocks, Shirley McCoy, Phyllis Pourier, Patricia Strange, and Pamela Firnekas; Tin Soldiers, Leslie Dyer and Dennis Brafford; Clowns, Noel Rickard and Larry Schiffner; Bells, Barbara Moore and Deborah Bordeaux; Tops, Monte Mowry and Steven Olson; Drums, Billy Massery and Robert Bush; Dolls, Rita Henderson and Geraldine Schuler; "Neath the Christmas Tree" and "Up on The House Top", Chorus, First Grades; Mrs. Bohart, Miss Dorothy Lynn, Mrs. Belva Hipsher and Mrs. Juliet Shedden, teachers, "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly", Third Grades; Decorators, Jesse Sears, Thomas Elsasser, Roger Bohart, Jane Lachelt, Mary Cottrell and Bonnie Holy Rock; Mrs. Elva Hurley, Mrs. Isabelle Theisen and Mrs. M. Reeves, teachers.

"Oh Tannenbaum" and "White Christmas", Sixth Grader; Center Tree, Rita Kumholz, Donald Hoar, Donald Harbaugh, Kirk Rose, Patty Barron, Patty Ann Heier, Carol Gripp, Warner Calvert, Paul Dappen, Danny Davis, Kay Strange, Pearl Ann Robb, Lilla Bettelyoun, Norma Nelson, Karen Catlett, Lyle Rostad, Marvin Perry, Kenneth Arpan, Russell Bohart, Roger Wickstrom, and Bigsby Schultz; Mrs. Madalynne Gisie and Mrs. Willa Richey, teachers.

The Christmas Story

"While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night', Seventh Grades; ; Shepherds, David Calvert, David Martinez, Larry Nelson, Cecil Jones and Ronald Hagen; Miss Lois Hermann and Mr. Paul Scissions, teachers.

"Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night". Second Grades: Mary, Sharon Sokol; Joseph, Russell Throwbridge; Mrs. Loraine Lapinsky and Mrs. Nancy Frost, teachers.

"We Three Kings of Orient Are." Fifth Grades; Wismen, Doublas Miller, Robert Wold, and Dallas Stewart; Mrs. Geraldine Mann and Miss Grace Bailey, teachers.

"Oh Holy Night" and "Angels Chorus" Eighth Grades; Madonna, Judith Breen; Angels, Jane Miller, Dorothy Muhm, Rita Rose, Mary Ann Berens, Donna Imme, Jerry Thompson, Joan Wickens, Norma Sue Huntley, Ann Ruby, and Carmen Lolley; Mrs. Edna Hinrichsen and Mr. Arnold Syverts, teachers.

Scenery painting, Larry Nelson, Arnold Monroe, Philbert Montileauz, Cecil Jones and Danny Benoist.

Accompanists for the program are Mrs. Dagny Bauer and Mrs. Esther Little.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 51 page 8 Dec. 18, 1953

Kindergarten Kids Strut Stuff In Christmas Program

Igloo's little tots "strutted their hour upon the stage" Tuesday afternoon and wednesday morning, and performed like seasoned veterans of the theatre during the presentation of the Kindergarten Christmas program.

Teachers of the very small fry, Mrs. Jean Heer and Mrs. Dorothy Garvis put the afternoon youngsters thru their paces on Tuesday afternoon and the morning classes on Wednesday at 9:15.

Both programs were the same with Toy Band, Brownies in Santa's Workship, Dolls in the Toy Shop, The Christmas Pie and The Real Christmas.

The petit performers in the Tuesday production who depicted Dolls in the Toy Shop were: Vallera Thorstad, Susan Whestone, Joyce Forney, Sharon Boltz, Connie Barritt, Marie Herman, Wanda Moldenhauer, Arlie Farrell, Shelley Purinton, Diane Pourier, Donna Rae Parks and Margaret Burnison. In the Wednesday program, Annette Remington, Sherry Conway, Kathleen Wegner, Rita Schroch, Raeleen Penor, Kathleen Aadson, Bonnie Flanagan, Sharon Stewart, Donna Underwood, Robert Ecoffey, Linda Grischkowsky, Linda Demski, Ann Gibson, Joan Petersen, Connie Wagner, Bonnie Irvin, Lana Williams, Margaret Shepherd, Donna Moore, Carol Paulzine and Cheryl Hendrix.

Tiny thespians in the Christmas Pie for Tuesday were: Bakers, Scott Hunter and Jackie Schoch; Father Bird, Paul Valandra; Blue Birds, Gary Erickson, Richard Black, Jon Fastwolf, Leland Bordeaux, Jerry Heier, Bernard Campbell, Larry Ladner, Michael Goreham, Richard Lee, John Haas, Freddy Schuler, Gerald Herrold, Joe Wright, Ronnie Ladner, Dickie Badmilk, Loren Pogreba, Andy Wright, and Stephen Poritz.

Wednesday's cast was composed of the following tots: Bakers, Ronald Mayer, Craig Lenz; Father Bird, Danny Heer; Blue Birds, Leonard Johnson, David Barron, Chris Lenz, Ray Hatfield, Michael Moriarty, Pat Hicks, Charles Schmidt, Craig Schmidt, Todd, Vikander, Billy McKee, Van Vermillion, Jon Gordon, Ronnie Balliet, Danny Garvis, Pat Giago, Junior Hughes and Jimmy Stanley.

"The Real Christmas" players in Tuesday's show were: Mary, Marie Herman; Joseph, Andy Wright; Angels, Wanda Moldenhauer and Connie Barritt; Shepards, Leland Bordeauz and Ronnie Ladner; Kings, Richard Lee, Dickie Badmilk and Jerry Heier. In Wednesday's nativity tableau the following took part: Mary, Lana Williams; Joseph, Pat Hicks; Angels, Sherry Conway and Bonnie Ervin; Shepherds, David Barron, Ray Hatfield, and Van Vermillion; Kings, Ronnie Balliet, Danny Garvis and Leonard Johnson.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 52 page 3 Dec. 25, 1953

Junior Small Fry Make Concert Debut

Kindergarten Christmas Program

These cute little guys and gals made their concert debut at the kindergarten Christmas program last week. Under the capable direction of the kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Victor Garvis, the future Philharmonic stars, equipped with drum sticks, bells and tamborines, presented their cacophonous, but rhythmic, version of "Jingle Bells" and other festive yuletide tunes. Lacking a brass section, the melody was supplied by kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Edgar Heer. The program which also featured dances and tableaux, was thoroughly enjoyed by the tots' proud mamas.

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 1 page 2 Jan. 1, 1954

Eight Graders Bring Christmas Music To Life

Eight Grade Christmas Program

In their presentation of "Oh Holy Night" and "Angels Chorus" the above eighth graders added a Belasco touch to the immortal Christmas carols which they sang during the grade school's annual Christmas program. To the left of the Madonna, played by Judith Breen, are the following angels, left to right; Carmen Lolley, Ann Ruby, Norma Sue Huntley, Jerry Ann Thompson and Joan Wickens. Angels to the right are; Jane Burns, Dorothy Muhm, Reta Rose, Donna Imme and Mary Ann Behrens. The chorus to the left consists of, bottom row, Mike Hawthorne, Norman Wilson, Lola Ward, Rosemarie Skroch. Second row: Lawrence Schmidt, Ted DeLeon, Jim Wieman, Dick Coen, Laverne McCleery and, third row, Nancy Yardley, Ruth Finkel, Jane Britts, Geraldine Kantz and Yvonne Grubbs. Chorus to right, bottom row: Martha Schmidt, Bonny Ressigne, Ardith Bergquist, Sandra Hansen. Second row: Eugene Perry, Philbert Montileaux, Marvin Sanovia, Donald Johnle, Jim Hipsher. Top row: Priscilla Boltz, Karen Torkelson, Ann Southworth, Marilyn McKinney and Yvonne Flammond.

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 51 page 6 Dec. 17, 1954

Grade School Christmas Operetta To Be Presented Here Wednesday

The Provo grade school Christmas operetta will be given next Wednesday afternoon, December 22, at 1:00 p.m. Grades one, two, three, and four will produce the operetta this year. The cast of characters includes:
Old Women ......................... Sharon Sweeney
Her Children .................... Sylvia Lee, Tom and Ted Facklam, Linda Newman, Jon Gordon, Pamela Turnquist and Connie Barritt.
Pierre ......................... Michael Davis
Mr. Jack Spratt ............... Gary Jackson
Mrs. Jack Spratt .............. Tonia Buhn
Simple Simon .................. Kevin Beauvais
Queen of Hearts ............... Linda Hagen
Mistress Mary ................. Mary Yunko
Santa's Helpers ............... Robert Schick, John Hipsher, Alvin Eastman and Charles Stokes.
Birds ......................... Monte Mowry and Calvin Gaebler.
Rabbits ....................... Donald Heer and Henry Haas.
Christmas Star ................ Diane Bauer
Cranberries ................... Candice Purinton, Sharon Sokol, Sandra Himmerich, Bonnie Calhoun, Nina Mace, Barbara Wickstrom, Marilyn Stein and Carolyn Stein.
Snow Crystals ................. Joyce Forney, Connie Wagner, Geraldine Schuler, Rita Skroch, Bonnie Irvin, Bernetta Hagel, Raeleen Penor, Sheryl Hendrix,
Nancy Witter, Sandra Tinsley, Pamela Firnekas and Sharon Mizner.
Popcorn Ladies ................ Dorothy Wing, Bonita Stuen, Cassandra Brave, Luckie Shepherd, Helen Barney and Paulette Meier.
English Walnuts ............... Jesse Rodriguez, Zane Arpan, Harry Mickelson, Duane Dugan, Dale Blatezore and Richard Mohr.
Christmas Lights .............. Billy Irvin, John Pourier, Harry Wiedenmeyer, Paul Meier, Dennis Olmstead, Jerry Sears, Phillip Balliet and David Thompson.
Director ...................... Mrs. D. Bauer
Stage Setting ................. Mrs. M. Reeves
Assistants .................... Provo High School Dramateers
Panel Decorations ............. Grades five, six, seven and eight.

All parents are invited as well as other friends of Provo School. The Operetta will be given in the school auditorium.

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