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June 18, 1954 CWC candidate; Lloyd L. Torkelson; Lloyd Torkelson, Refrigeration Mechanic here has been elected twice previously by depot employees to Civilian Welfare Council during his nine years of service. During his last term in 1953 he served as President.

Torkelson, a native South Dakotan completed his high school work in Canning, S. Dak. and has been taking correspondence and extension courses from various South Dakota colleges to round out his education. In prior years he has been active in the local scouting program serving at one time as Chairman of the local Boy Scout committee. Prior to work with the scouting program he was active in the Igloo Kiwanis Club.

Depot Commander, Paul N. Wickens wrote a letter of appreciation to Torkelson in April of this year for the excellent manner and willingness to preform work during emergency conditions after his normal tour of duty.


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