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The Walrus

The Walrus

vol. 1, no. 18 page 7 May 9, 1952

World War I Veterans

The World War I Veterans Organization, locally known as Walter Hayes Barracks No. 17, Veterans of World War I, of the United States, is a comparitively new organization in Igloo, having first been formed in early October, 1951. The Barracks has grown from a membership of about 35 when first formed, to a present membership of 68.

The purpose of the organization is to obtain adequate pensions and other benefits for the World War I veteran, rightfully called "the Forgotten Man". In view of the fact that many of our World War I veterans are now unable to work and some 65,000 of them are dying every year, we feel it is time something substantial was done for the World War I veteran.

The local organization has been very active in obtaining members for the local Barracks, and has also helped form organizations in other localities. Recently a Barracks was formed in Battle Mountain, with Mr. James Hunter of Igloo being instrumental in helping Barracks No. 22 started. (sic)

The local organization, being quite new, hasn't had many activities yet, but has gone on record as being in favor of the blood donation, sponored by the VFW, and is ready and willing to participate in any worth-while community activity.

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