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The Igloo Magazine

Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 21 page 13 May 28, 1943


The Magazine Area Employees' Club had a swell time at their Hard Times Dance last week in M35. Too small a floor? Sure, it was crowded and a hundred dancers wedged in and took a turn on the floor and gave it up. That crowd would have taxed the capacity at the PX, where the event was planned to have been held.

Some day there will be ample floor space for even so large a family as the Magazine Area employees and their friends.

Anyway, those who stayed had the time of their life, and Bud Wolter, "Mrs. Bud", and Suzie Q were as nonchalant as Pete Wumkes usually is.

It's not all dancing at those Bombardier Club meetings in M35 at 8:00 P.M. on Thursday nights. This week's program calls for two special songs and two featured short talks that will not be exactly serious. The Soft Ball chairman, who supervised the facial on the League diamond, will make a report on coming schedules and plans for including other sports; and then those whose toes tingle will shake the light fantastic until it's time for laboring people to be abed.

Bombardiers meetings and programs are not cut and dried. Volunteers appear and do their stuff - - - and we like it that way. We need more people who do not hide their light under a bushel. If there's something you like to do, just speak up. It's all one big family and there's a lot of talent here at BHOD. Maybe you know some one who is good at something, even if you are too modest to strut your own stuff.

We want a cornetist, chalk-talker, dramatic reader, tap dancer, shadow-boxer, play manager, adult games director, and just a lot of things going on from time to time. We are having a lot of fun and forgetting our own worries for a few hours a week. As we get acquainted with our neighbors, we get to thinking that this is not such a bad place to be after all. There are just a lot of darned swell people working here at Provo and doing a bang-up job of it!!


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