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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 17 pages 1 and 8 April 24, 1953

Time Marches On And Gus Ollerman Collects A Raise

Ten years ago on April 21st Gus C. Ollerman was employed at Black Hills Ordnance Depot as a Dispatcher for the Post Engineers at $5.20 per day. Time has passed, folks have come and gone, but Gus has faithfully perservered and has earned the distinction of ten years service at BHOD as well as his first longevity increase. Gus is the second person at Igloo to receive a longeviy increase.

Gus Ollerman served for a year and one-half with the Post Engineers and thereafter was transferred to the Storage Division where he has been ever since. He came to Igloo from Belvidere, S. Dak. where he was an auctioneer, insurance salesman, and cattle buyer. Commenting on his period of service at BHOD Gus said, "I never had it so good." Remembering the days of the depression, Gus believes that steady work and steady pay checks and a wholesome community in which to raise a family are very convincing arguments for continued employment at Igloo. Three of Gus's children have gone through the school system here, and he has excellent reason to be proud of them.

Always a booster of BHOD Gus has been a recruiting factor here and many people thank him for telling them about Igloo. He asks only that they emulate his example, and he believes that they will agree with him after ten years that Black Hills Ordnance Depot is a fine place to work, live and play. "Why, I'm just beginning to live." Gus said as the interview closed. Your reporter has no reason to doubt him.

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