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Black Hills Ordnance Depot

Shook Shop 2. A bundle of parts (as of boxes) ready to be put together.

One of the duties of an Ordnance Depot was to prepare munitions for longterm storage and/or shipment to the war zone. Instead of building boxes and crates from scratch the government had contractors prepare the materials for containers that were assemblied at the ordnance depot.

The Igloo Magazine

Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 12 page 16 March 26, 1943

Shook Shop Special

The old saying "No news is good news" should fit us very well this week. Christy says that her brain child is on a vacation.

Boss Mack is getting high hat these days, what with a brand new shade on the office window, new desk and chair, and ash tray. I even heard that one of the girls scrubbed his office.

Mr. Cubbins and Mr. Schmitt were in the shop during the past week. We hope they are satisfied with our work, as we aim to please.

Did you ever try to stick someone in a snow drift, with one hand already occupied and depending on a pal to help you? Then away runs "Swede" and you find yourself where Billy should have been, when up walks the hubby. For more information, contact Scherry.

Grace is back at work after a week's absence. She is the girl he left behind, but she is still behind him. She is a WOW.

The girls in the "Hammer Room" have become so tree conscious that they have begun to play the tree game. Says Elfriede "I am the dress up tree (spruce), while Benere is the dancing tree (hop)." Says Block "I am the tree with age (elder) and Denton believes she will be the tree of warmth (fir)." Vern says, "If Christy doesn't beat me to it, I will be the languishing tree (pine)." Edith ended the game by being the tree nearest the ocean (beech).

Our "Safety Ken" gave us a very interesting talk Monday. They have placed suggestion boxes in the saw and hammer rooms. We believe by Friday they will be bringing a bushel basket to hold our "special suggestions."

We have a rat running around the premises that squeals and several of the girls have brought cheese and set traps. "Mike" has made us a "billy club", and if Scherry ever catches up with it, Woe be unto Mr. Rat!!

Ardith spend Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Hot Springs on a business-pleasure trip and reports having dinner at Gouldings Monday evening (Yum Yum). She says she will soon have her "cheese box" all fixed up with a new rug, bed lamp, etc. (We must have a house warming.)

Marvin has been released from the hospital at Hot Springs and is back with us again. Glad to see him at work once more.

Albert was called to North Dakota Saturday, because of the death of his mother-in-law.

Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 21 page 2 May 28, 1943


Darlene is back on the job again after a month's absence.

No news is good news, so here it is:

Does everybody know what Scherry paid Geddes the nickel to see last Saturday??

I wonder what Bonita and Elfrieda found in Denver that was so interesting that they are going there to work? Could it be those silver wings Bonita is wearing?

John Frazier has taken a leave to visit his wife at Gettysburg.

The staining crew has hopes of getting safety shoes now, after all the notes that turned up in the suggestion box Monday.

Some of the staining crew now crawl out of their overalls at night and crawl the rafters the next morning and jump into them, as they are pretty well oiled. These must be Lou, Fritz, and George.

If anyone has a patent or lock for lunch baskets, please leave same with Mike. Seems as though somebody is always hungry before lunch time and someone is always short a sandwich or a cookie, and oranges have a way of turning to coal.

We wonder if Jean has been too near the vat. She seems to have a little mark on her neck. Maybe Oscar could tell us the truth.

As all the news wasn't put in last week, maybe it will be added this week.

Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 21 page 15 May 28, 1943


A number of our group will take their vacations soon. Ma Saffell begins her four-day leave Wednesday. She hopes that all the big crates are gone before she returns.

With schools letting out, mothers are busy making arrangements to meet sons and daughters coming to the Depot for the summer.

Announcement was received by Mrs. Anas Henderson that she has a new grand-daughter in Newton, Iowa.

Pearl Walker reported back to work Friday morning after a day's absence. She is wearing a new smile.

May 21, Lyle Hall of Ardmore celebrated his first birthday. The occasion was made charmingly festive by the presentation of a "Wilhelm-Tucker Special Angel Food Cake".

Mr. and Mrs. Al Weise were visitors in Hot Springs Sunday.

Igloo Magazine

Vol. III No. 7 page 7 July 23, 1943

Shook Shop News

Dick and George are working at the Machine shop.

Chub is recovering nicely from her injury received Tuesday at the Shook Shop.

Darlene is gone on a 2-day leave to Scotts Bluff, Nebraska.

Mildred is still vacationing in Denver.

Joan left Saturday for her old home at Centerville, South Dakota, on 10 days leave.

Dunc is back after spending 10 days with her daughter, who was ill at Greybull, Wyoming.

Lou and the Mrs. Left Saturday for Sioux City, to visit their daughter.

We are still enjoying the stockyard aroma. Wonder what they did? Now they are making resolutions again.

Gee, Dunc, did Sherry wet your spirits? My, wasting that good Hot Springs water.

Mac and Oscar had a 2-day vacation last week. They were very much missed.

Mr. Schmidt was on a vacation last week.

As our regular reporters are on vacation, the news is scarce this week.


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