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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 18 page 6 May 9, 1952

Ladies Altar Society Promotes Harmony

by Ila Jones

The successful community is the one in which the church, home and school work in unity and harmony. The Altar Society of the Catholic Church offers itself to bring this fulfillment in the community at Igloo. It is an important part in the life of the church and the Priest - a helping hand. Its purpose is not purely social, although social activities stimulate its existense. The real purpose of the society is to cultivate and make successful the church and its activities. For this, several groups of ladies are assigned to Bands which meet once a month, with a general meeting of the Bands once a month.

The biggest social events of the year are the summer picnic, after the close of the vacation school, and the bazaar in the fall. With the limited facilities and lack of time, we Catholics at Igloo are fortunate in the great progress made over the past ten years. The Altar Society has been a most important and integral part in this progress. All this the society has done with the thought in mind of helping the church do its part in contributing to the smooth harmony with the home and the school and in turn making Igloo the successful community it has been over the past ten years. In offering our sincere congratulations to the depot and all the people of the area on this tenth birthday, we offer our continued prayers and labors for many more happy and successful years to come.

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