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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 5 No. 12 page 1 Mar. 21, 1957

Ammunition Branch award

MAJOR JOHN BLETTE, Executive Officer, is shown presenting Calvin Schuler, Storage Branch Warehouseman Foreman
of the Ammunition Section of the Storage Division a safety award plaque representing a full year of no man hour loss
of time due to injury for the entire Ammunition Section of BHOD. Witnesses to the presentation, kneeling in the
front row left to right: Geddis Nelson, Warehouseman General Foreman; Dale Kalenburger, Albert Whipple and Robert Fister.
Second row, kneeling, George Schiffner and Lester Schiffner. Third row, standing, Major Floyd Whipple, ASO;
Gerner A. Olsen, Deputy ASO; Stanley W. Barnett, Warehousingman Foreman; Owen Yardley, Ralph Perry, Walter Punteney,
Samuel Gunderson, Aurelian Kills Enemy, Ben White Butterfly, Edward Guthmiller and David Yardley.
(Photo by Schuler)

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