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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 4 No. 1 page 4 Jan. 7, 1955

Knights Break Even On Two Wyoming Tilts

by Jug Brave
Walrus Sportswriter

A classy bit of basketball was displayed here as a contingent of Wyomingites from Lusk dropped the Knights of Igloo for a 106-70 pasting. Home on vacation, the collegiates out court accuracy and breakaway baskets steered them to an easy victory, as Igloo, was not able to find the range against the tall men from Lusk. Cowboys led by a good margin in all four periods.

Lance Creek Oilers invaded the Knights grounds and were repulsed with a 68-71 loss. Close play and timely scoring prevailed throughout the game. Numerous fouls against the Oilers and taking advantage of it, Igloo made good 31 free throws which was the factor insofar as scoring went for Igloo.

Welch was high for the Oilers with 16 and little McCaughey was the big gun for Igloo with 25 points.

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