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The Black Hills News; 7/23/1942; pg. 4, col. 2; Terteling News; by Virginia Robertson

The bowling alley opened for business, July 20. This is being operated by the Misses Lois Ann, Alma Mary, and Helen Rademacher.

The bowling alley bids fair to be one of the most popular receation spots on the area. It is equipped with an air conditioner, music box, and is to have a ray gun, and various forms of amusement besides bowling.

Selmar M. Skaar, manager in 1947
Adam Mytys and Tiny Mickelson took over from him.
(Sept. 22, 1948; Mickelson and Mytys buy bowing alley from Skaar.)
Tiny Mickelson was manager during later years.
The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 30 page 5 July 23, 1954

Face Lifting Gives Bowling Alley A New Look

Workmen from the Brunswick-Balke Co., of Denver, were at the Post Alleys last week and when they had finished a king-sized job of refurbishing the alleys are in top condition and are now A. B. C. regulation alleys.

The workmen took care of refinishing and resurfacing, with all alley beds, alleys and approaches having been leveled, and loose and broken boards replaced.

This is the first time that the alleys have been given such care since they opened.

Bowling Alley


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