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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 1 page 2 Dec. 7, 1951

Bridge Club Meets With Mrs. Bauer

The Bi-Weekly Bridge Club met at the home of Mrs. Dagny Bauer. Mrs. Francella Hudson won the prize for the high score of the evening.

The Edgemont Herald-Tribune

Edgemont Herald-Tribune page 8 Jan. 12, 1961

BHOD Bridge

(Officers' Club, Major and Mrs. Leonard Thrasher, Cecil and Elsie Lund, winners)

Edgemont Herald-Tribune page 4 Jan. 19, 1961

BHOD Bridge

(Officers' Club, two groups; Major and Mrs. Leonard Thrasher, Carl W. and Eileen Ottmann; Duane and Dagney Bauer, Rubin and Nadine Veren)

Edgemont Herald-Tribune page 4 Jan. 26, 1961

All Aces at BHOD Bridge

(Officers' Club, Richard and Nancy Selle, Royel and Joyce Odell, Richard and Gwendolyn Fritz, Major and Mrs. Leonard Thrasher)


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