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Edgemont Tribune; Dec. 4, 1946; article about Community Chest

The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 32 page 2 Aug. 7, 1953

Depot's Community Chest Proves To Be The Friend In Need

So far this year the Community Chest has given financial aid to 14 needy Igloo familites.

"Stretch" Schneider, Chest Chairman, in outlining the accomplishments of the fund this week, said that the leading reasons for assistance was sickness and death. The Chest uses its funds to aid depot families in cases of financial hardship caused by sudden emergencies which cannot be taken care of by the family through advance planning or later savings plans.

Money available for donations was given the Chest by the 1953 United Charities Drive last fall when collections were made for a number of local and national welfare organizations under one united drive. Contributions from depot residents totaled $6,000. Of that total, $1365.00 was earmarked for the Community Chest to be spent during 1953 to aid needy Igloo residents.

To date Schneider said $723.80 has been expended on the 14 cases. Groceries for families with total loss of income totaled four cases, while there was one each for medicine which the family could not afford, schooling for a handicapped child, and clothing for infants.

The Community Chest discontinued making loans to employees at the beginning of the year, the Chairman said, and now makes cash donations in needy cases.

the Community Chest Council is interested in learning of needy families in the community through friends and neighbors. Council members should be contacted for assistance. Members of the Council, elected by depot employees last fall, are: Chuck Catlett, Don Thompson, Opal Johnson, Doug Newlin, Don Leary, Clifford Turnquist and Glen Amy.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 39 page 2 Sept. 25, 1953

Community Chest - 'The Friend In Need'

Each year for the past five years, the people of the Black Hills Ordnance Depot have Whole-heartedly extended their help to the numerous charitable and welfare organizations by giving generously to the United Charities campaign. A portion of the money given, has always been contributed directly to the BHOD Community Chest. The Community Chest fund exists soley for the purpose of helping you, your neighbor, or any person within the depot, in the event of need. It is difficult to determine or define the term "need". This is left to the discretion of our Community Chest Board.

To provide you with information concerning the Community Chest and show how this fund has been used we are presenting the following information in statistical form.

From January through August of 1953 the Community Chest has provided financial assistance to persons and families in the total amount of $1060.15, as follows:

Sickness in family, and medicine, $140.00; Schooling for handicapped child, $100.00; Death in family where financial need existed, $410.00; Groceries, $95; Hospital bills, $120.00; Advertising for civilian doctor, $93.00; Bus fare, $30; Bad loans, $63.00; and Miscellaneous, $9.15.

In other communities, organizations such as the County Welfare Board, the local Red Cross Chapter, the local chapter, the local chapter of the Salvation Army, etc., are able to provide charitable assistance where needed.

Here at Igloo the Community Chest fills the role of the "friend in need".

You can help your Community Chest by allocating part of your donation in the United Charities drive to this, one of the 12, organizations.


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