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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 50 page 1 Dec. 10, 1954

4000 Pounds Of Destruction Destroyed

4000 lb. bomb

Pictured here are three of the highly specialized demolition experts employed at Igloo who insure that obsolete ammunition goes "boom" when it is supposed to and not before. Clustered around a 4000 pound aircraft bomb are, left to right: Blaine Hunter, Surveillance Inspector; and Marion Wagner and Elmer Peed, Burning Ground Foreman and Assistant Foreman, respectively. They are inserting Composition C in a fuze well to cause the detonation. Looking on at the right are Dave Calvert, Lt. James McCaughey, Col. Paul N. Wickens, Depot Commander, and Randy Orbaugh. The bombs are received from Sioux Ordnance and are placed in a pit 75 feet wide and 35 feet deep and covered with 15 feet of earth prior to detonation. On the average, a total of 12 bombs are destroyed during each half work day.

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