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The Igloo Magazine

Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 12 page 5 March 26, 1943

Depot Property

Mrs. Shirley Sweet is a new member of our personnel. We hope she likes her work.

Margaret Jensen and Mrs. Wilson were weekend visitors in Rapid City.

We are glad to have Mildred V. back with us again, after two weeks absence.

Due to the absence of our two regular reporters, we hope this will do.

Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 21 page 11 May 28, 1943

Depot Property

Yes, I will admit that I did not know what "NOIBN" meant, but I don't believe I was the only one in our Department who didn't know. Who was it that had to call Transportation and ask about the meaning? Come on, Mr. Freund, you might as well admit it.

Well, another Monday morning and some more changes. Almost everyone in our Department found themselves seated in a different location this morning. We are all thankful for the change in scenery and everyone seems to be satisfied in their new locations.

If anyone wonders why Frances K. had such a sad look on her face this morning, well, it is a very simple explanation. She went to Crawford and her husband was not there. She made a little trip out to the Ranch. Well, maybe next time will be better. We all hope so.

Mildred and Dick Vierling spent the weekend in Hot Springs. That was all the news she volunteered so that is all we print. But we wonder if that alone accounts for this week end.

Igloo Magazine

Vol. III No. 7 page 6 July 23, 1943

Depot Property

Depot Property Is a lonely place this week; Capt. Hendershott, Connie White, Margaret Jensen, and Roumelle Olson are on their vacation. We wish someone would get back, the rest of us are getting tired of looking at one another - - can you blame us?

A few weeks ago there was an article in the paper about Mel and Swede's sunburns, but this week we have a new addition to our Sunburn Club and well believe it or not it's Helen Goldsworthy this time. The rest of us told where we got ours but Helen seems to be very quiet about it - - we can't tell if its really sunburn or just blushing.

Friday morning was rather sad for Frances Kammerer and Swede - - Francis had to bid her sister adieu, as she is leaving for New Jersey soon. Francis had big tears in her eyes but it didn't take long to get that broad smile back again. Mel left Swede Friday morning for a 10 - - day leave, she went to Minneapolis with that handsome sailor. We can't figure out which one Swede hated to see leave, Mel or the sailor.

We are wondering what Shirley Sweet and Verna Mayer have to talk about all the time - - we are thinking their work is oral instead of writing - - they must be secrets too - - could be you know.

We thought this rationing was rather bad on some of us but not for Mrs. Wilson - - every day she brings enough food for the new addition to B.H.O.D. (cats). Maybe the rest of us will have to bring food for Mrs. Wilson, so she doesn't starve.

Mildred Vierling seemed to be having a good time at the Ball Game the other night, but it seems as though her husband was wishing she wouldn't have been there - - could it be on account of razzing him so much.

It's a shame Pauline Hamaker's gas stamps don't hold out so good, but she always finds a ticket laying around someplace - - You know a friend in need is a friend indeed . . or is it just a friend.

We wonder when Mr. Welsh has time to practice for his Solo. Maybe it's when he has to make so many trips to the Attic for the Supply Room.

Enough for this time, folks. At least one of the reporters will be back next week, aren't you happy?

Edgemont Tribune; June 29, 1955; Depot Property welcomes Murdoch C. Johnson to Office force, replacing Ruben Verens transfer to Procurement.

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