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Black Hills Ordnance Depot


The Igloo Magazine

The Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 12 page 14 March 26, 1943


It has been discovered that this Section is represented 100% in the armed forces of the United States. Dr. Ramsey has one son in the Army and Dr. Keller has three sons in the same branch of the service. Miss Velma Weatherly, a nurse, has a brother in the Navy Air force, also a nurse, has a 17 year old son who was one of two out of 18 to be accepted as a cadet in the Navy Air Force at Minneapolis. Mrs. H. N. McLeod, nurse, has a husband who was formerly in the Navy and is being called into the Army. Miss Elsie Nelson, secretary, had a brother who in the Artillery in Alaska before being transferred to an unknown destination. In addition, Dr. Keller's wife is Hostess in the dining room at the University of Montana to 1,000 Naval Cadets.

(If there is another department that can equal this fine record, we should like to hear about it. Ed.)

The Igloo Magazine

Vol. II No. 21 page 18 May 28, 1943


We have a new nurse on our staff, Mrs. Vivian Welch. We hope she will like us.

Velma Weatherly spent Sunday in Custer - - with whom? Inquire at Rapid City Air Base (BAND).

Eileen Peters is planning on going to Aberdeen. She has a son graduating from High School. After graduation he will go into Navy Aviation. Eileen will also spend a few days in Minneapolis with her husband. We hope she will have an enjoyable time.

Our new doctor arrived Sunday. He is Lawrence J. Kaasa of Albert Lea, Minnesota. He is a classmate of Dr. George E. Keller. They both attended the College of Medicine at State University of Iowa.

Dr. Guy Ramsey left this Depot Tuesday morning with his family for Pueblo, Colorado, to take up his duties there.

Elsie, what did you do over the weekend?

It is rumored that Nurse Eileen Peters has some new ideas on agricultural subjects. She has placed her tomato seeds and tomato cans in close proximity, in the hopes that the future plants will yield canned tomatoes. Her experiment will be watched with the greatest interest by all the professional and amateur agriculturists on the Depot. If successful, it will revolutionize the science of agriculture and entirely ruin the canning industry.


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