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Edgemont Tribune; April 30, 1947; work progressing on Golf Course under the direction of Capt. Swenson
official opening of golf course April 17, 1948. (for season???)

The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 6 page 1 Feb. 15, 1952

Golf Club Organized

The BHOD Golf Club held an organizational meeting Feb. 1. The club adopted a constitution and is now organized in keeping with applicable Dept. of the Army Regulations. A golf club existed on the depot previously.

Club President, C. K. Kuhnke, set the month of April aside for a membership drive. The first annual meeting under the new by-laws will be held at that time. Club membership is open to all Igloo residents.

The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 26 page 2 July 4, 1952

Golf News

The local course has been improved with the installation of sand removal type cups on the nine greens. A note of thanks to the Post Engineers for the renovation of the club house. With the installation of plumbing and the interior painting, the club house is in first class condition. The mowing of the fairways is also appreciated.

Cliff Kuhnke, Jack Lee, Ronnie Hagen, Bob Jones, Barney Bayer, George Beaman and Woody Hipsher participaed in the Lusk, Wyoming tournament Sunday, June 29. Cliff and Barney were the only winners. Cliff was runner-up in the first flight and Barney was runner-up in the third flight. Eph Brafford and Louie Pourier participated in the Newcastle, Wyoming tournament on the same date. Eph was winner of the second flight.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 23 page 2 June 12, 1953

Igloo's Golf Club Offers Good Club House - - Fine Course

As a result of several improvements to the course and clubhouse, the BHOD Golf Club announces that everything is now in shape for the season.

Jimmie Hipsher gas been engaged as green keeper and boasts one of those rare jobs wherein he works while he plays, Jimmie will be seen chasing that little white ball as he moves from green to green performing his duties.

New red and white flags adorn each of the greens, thanks to Mesdames Hilda and Lois Hagen, who whipped them out on their trusty sewing machines.

The outstanding improvement resulted from the renovation of the clubhouse. A new floor and a complete re-paint job provided a first-class facility that doubtless will be the envy of the neighboring clubs.

Golf balls, tees, and beverages are now stocked and many items members can special order.

Anyone interested in playing golf should look into the facilities available locally. You may be missing a lot of fun.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 30 page 1 July 24, 1953

Initial Hole-In-One At BHOD Course Is Made By Conway

Lt. Chadford C. Conway scored the first hole-in-one in the seven year history of the BHOD Golf Course last Friday, when he sank his tee shot on the 145 yard, par 3, first hole. Conway used a seven iron, the ball hittling about five yards in front of the green and rolling straight on in. The feat was witnessed by the other members of his foursome, F. Begert, C. Cannon, and L. Funk; and Conway was presented with the scorecard, duly signed and notarized, as a hedge against any future coubting-Thomases.

The Walrus

Vol. 3 No. 29 pages 1 and 7 July 16, 1954

Juvenile Jimmy's Fairway Flair Tips His Eminent Elders

It is either little Jimmy's special Hipsher hex, or some extraordinary ability to play consistent, top-flight golf, that has men, old enough to be his great grandpappy, eating out of his small but capable hands.

Once again the 13-year-old son of veteran golfer Woody Hipsher gave his elders some lessons in the finer points of the game, when he won the twelfth flight over a blistering, sun-backed course at the Alliance Open Tournament last Sunday, with the thermometer registering a torrid hundred and five.

In his qualifying round, the eager and serious small fry golf champ, who dotes on rough competition, came up with 52, just four strokes short of the senior member of the Hipsher clan, who started batting them around long before Jimmy started wearing three-cornered sarongs.

The hundred pound edition of Ben Hogan then proceeded to eliminate the opposition, in the finals of medal play, winning the first, three up, and then defeating a venerable but keen golfer who was exactly sixty years Jim's senior.

It is quite obvious that the Hipsher menage will have to arrange for an annex to their quarters, if Hot Shot James continues to burn up the Tourney Circuit courses with resultant additions to his collection of gleaming trophies. - - -

John Sweeney, another of the Igloo contingent of eight, was the Tourney's medalist, accomplished by a 36 round and another of 38, for a 74 total. John also won the consolation trophy in the Championship Flight and collected his third prize of the day when he came closest to the cup in the hole-in-one contest.

Papa Hipsher, probably through sheer determination to "save face", in the light of son James' increasing proficiency copped the cup for Flight Six. Woody is still quite a handy man on the links.

Three other members of the Igloo group hit paydirt, with Barney Bayer winning consolation trophy in the Tenth Flight, Jack VanNoy winner of the Fourteenth Flight and Tommy Hoffman taking the consolation on the Fifteenth. Tommy, a southpaw golfer, is another youngster who will undoubtedly be putting a lot of local links hounds to shame, in future competition. Aged 15, he has made several tourneys and has found that, through dogged determination and patience, his game has improved to the extent of hitting the jackpot.

The Walrus

Vol. 5 No. 18 page 1 May 2, 1957

Golf Club

PICTURED ARE THREE of Igloo's top trophy winners.
Left to right, Woody Hipsher, Eph Brafford and Jimmy Hipsher.
The large trophy at the rear right of the picture is the
Bill Anderson Championship Trophy. Brafford will be defending
it for the second time on May 26.

The Walrus

Vol. 5 No. 26 page 1 June 27, 1957

Local Golfers Show Well In Igloo Tourney

Igloo golfers took seven of the trophies in the local golf tournament held here last Sunday. Ephriam Brafford turned in the best performance of the local entrants, winning second place honors in the championship flite.

First place winner in the championship flite was Dixon Pourier of Pine Ridge. James Hipsher of Igloo took third place honors in the same flite. This was Hipsher's second win of the season, as the 16-year old was runner up in the championship flite at Chadron two weeks ago.

In the first flite Igloo took all three medals with Dan Goodman, Royel Odell and Barney Bayer placing in that order. In the second flite Herb Rabe of Edgemont took first, followed by Jack Ecklund and "Red" Schuler.

recent aerial photo recent aerial photo
The white rectangle on the lower edge of the left screen shot is the location of the club house. The screen shot on the right shows the approximate layout of the course, based on a blueprint.
A note about the water hazards. As a boy I would go up there to retrieve lost balls. The method was to go barefoot into the water and use your feet to locate the balls. The downside was that weeds would grow around the ponds when the water was low and when the ponds were filled the weeds died and turned into nasty underwater spikes. Another downside was the water and soil were very alkaline and as a result the mud was a slimey unpleasant mess. There are probably many balls still buried there.
(Vintage Golf Balls anyone!)

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