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The Igloo Magazine

Igloo Magazine

Vol. 4 No. 21 pages 3 & 9 June 2, 1944

Station Hospital

Col. Ronald Pinger accompanied Captain Megahan on a fishing trip through the Hills last Sunday.

Word has been received from Lt. Kay Rodesvich who was recently transferred to Ft. Riley, Kansas, that she enjoys her new work very much.

Lt. Marie Lockhart reported for duty here on May 19th. Lt. Lockhart comes to us from Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Denver.

Laura Heidke is taking a few days' annual leave and is moving from Provo to the Area.

Mrs. Leary and Yvonne spent Sunday at their home in Custer.

Word has been received from the three enlisted men who were transferred from here to Aberdeen, Maryland. They have arrived and are now getting adjusted to real army life again.

Dr. Keller, George Williams, and Corporal Trask spent last week end at Hill City on a fishing trip.

The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 4 page 6 Jan. 18, 1952

Local Briefs

- - -

Capt. Julius Brant of the Medical Corps, accompanied by Mrs. Brant and son, Michael, arrived January 10th from Chicago, their former home. They have quarters in the hospital building. Welcome to Igloo folks. We hope you have a long and enjoyable stay with us.

- - -

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