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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 2 page 5 Jan. 9, 1953

Internal Audit Office Established.

A new organization, the Internal Audit Office, has just been added to the Depot Headquarters. The new office will be headed by John Ahern as chief. Space has been allocated on the second floor of the Administration Building between the Civilian Personnel Office and Procurement. Mr. Ahern has been employed by the Army Audit Agency as Resident Auditor.

Functions of the new office will include planning, scheduling, and performing all internal audit functions pertaining to appropriated and non-appropriated fund activities within the depot in connection with those audit responsibilities of the depot commander.

Other changes in the depot headquarters have recently been made, John Sweeney has been named Civilian Executive Assistant to the Commanding Officer. Mr. Sweeney will function as the principal civilian staff advisor to the Commanding Officer. Frank Begert has been promoted to fill the vacancy as Chief of the Management Office, and the entire Management Office has been moved to the south side of the Administration Building on the first floor.

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