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The Walrus

The Walrus; April 18, 1957; April Committee; Mrs. Samuel Spencer, chairman; Mrs. Ralph Campbell, Mrs. Howard Hilbrand, Mrs. Eden Hiscock, Mrs. Stewart Mickelson and Mrs. Calvin Schuler. Mrs. John Blette, program chairman; Mrs. Robert Meech, Mrs. Ralph Campbell, Mrs. Cecil Lund.

The Walrus

Vol. 5 No. 20 pages 1 and 5 May 16, 1957

Igloo Ladies Club Entertains Gents At Dinner Meeting

The Ladies Club held a "Mens Night" pot luck dinner last Saturday evening, which was a great success under the chairmanship of Mrs. Robert Meech and her committee: Mesdames Jerry Cappa, Bruce Davis, Harold Horst, Thurlow Lorenz and Ben Schoch. The surprise of the evening was the "South Pacific Show" under the direction of Mrs. Robert Meech. Musical direction was by Mrs. John Blette. Delightful combo music was furnished by Mrs. Blette at the piano, Captain Nolen, Saxaphone and Bill Seals with the drums.

After an introduction by Mrs. Don M. Hoffman the show opened with a musical number, "The Moon of Monakoors" sung by Mrs. Robert Meech. The native dancing maidens: Mesdames Jerry Cappa, Eben Hiscock, Royal Odell, Carl Ottmann, Ben Schoch and Gene Schweitzer interpreted with much grace and charm "Hawaiian Sunset." Mrs. P. Spencer sang "Balai Hi" and then blended her lovely voice with that of Mr. Short Bull in such numbers as "Red Sails in the Sunset", "Hawaiian Sunset" and others. Mrs. Robert Meech and her dancers and singers beautifully portrayed the spirit of the island in "Sweet Leilani", followed by the "Hawaiian War Chant", a solo performed by Mrs. Meech.

Coming to a romantic mood of the program Frank Vermillion sang "Some Enchanted Evening" and Mrs. Homer Fleisher "I'm In Love With a Wonderful Guy", after which they blended their two charming voices in "Dites Moi" and "Younger Than Springtime". The show ended with the entire cast singing "Aloha Oe, Farewell to Thee" which climaxed a very lovely and unforgetable evening.

Major Robert Meech, Lt. Ralph Campbell, Mark Thompson and Ben Schoch were responsible for the staging, scenery and decorations.

The Walrus

Vol. 5 No. 38 page 1 Sept. 19, 1957

Igloo Ladies Hold First Meeting Of Fall Season At Officers' Club

- - -

Officers for the coming year elected at the special business meeting are Mrs. Floyd Whipple, honorary chairman of the board; Mrs. Sidney Finkel, president; Mrs. Cecil Lund, vice president; Mrs. Louis W. Reel, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Eugene Schweitzer and Mrs. Howard Mayer, co-chairman of the hospitality and membership. Other business included the decision for yearly membership dues of $2.00.

Hostesses for the luncheon were Mrs. Harold Jones, Mrs. Magnus Holm, Mrs. Royel Odell, Mrs. Leslie Dyer, Mrs. Cecil Lund and Mrs. Louis Reel.

The Walrus

Vol. 5 No. 51 page 4 Dec. 24, 1957

The Women's Lunchion Club of the Officers' Open Mess presented their Christmas program Thursday evening, December 12. Christmas around the world, and in our own fair land was portrayed by the youngsters of the Depot.

Songsters, terpsichorean efforts and dramateers of the future depicted Christmas in all its glory from the littlest angel to the versatile Christmas Island dancers. Humor, nostalgia, the beauty of the Christmas story all these were presented.

The lovely Christmas song solos were rendered by Mrs. Homer Fleisher, Mrs. Robert Meech and Frank Vermillion.

Staging of the program and the pageant were done by Major Meech and Les Dyer. Musical director, Dagny Bauer and Bill Seals on the drums created a stirring musical background. Costuming was accomplished by Katherine Jones and Vi Davis, and the superb backgrounds were painted by our artistic friend, Norman Shortbull.

The snack bar and punch bowl were a great success. The December committee consisted of Edna Whipple, chairman of the refreshment committee; Pat Meech, the chairman of the entertainment committee, and Janet Hair. Lorraine Hicks, Ellen Schweitzer, Ruth Murphy, Carol Mayer and Marion Finkel.

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