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Claudia Marsh
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Marg Grabow

1947 - Mrs. Rae; Alice E. O'Rourke, former Army nurse at BHOD, returns as civilian nurse.

Claudia Marsh, Margaret Marasco, Julia Yellow Robe, Marjorie Grabow, Doris Lee, Clara Blumer, Eileen Bingham.

June 27, 1957; At fifth District of the State Nurses Association; Claudia Marsh, Marg Grabow, Louise Mutschler, Betty Bush and Doris Chismar.

The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 46 page 1 Nov. 13, 1953

Chief Nurse

Chief Nurse

Major Mary T. Votava has assumed duties at the U. S. Army Hospital as Chief of the Nursing Service. Major Votava received her commission in April, 1940, and has served continiously on active duty since that time. Record of service shows that she has served at various posts, camps and stations in the states of Texas, California, Washington and the Army and Navy Hospital at Little Rock, Arkansas. Foreign service includes a tour of duty in the European Theater of Operation. Major Votava shows North Omstead, Ohio, as her home address and is a graduate of St. John's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.


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