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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 28 page 1 July 10, 1953

Reclamation Yard Saves Taxpayers Thousands Of Dollars

Part Of 1,224,008 Feet Reclaimed Lumber

reclaimed lumber

Over a twelve-month period, a small group of workmen at the Lumber Reclamation Unit salvaged 1,224,008 board feet of lumber. An estimated savings of $77,609.66 was effected on the lumber, and the savings which accrued through repair of over 70,000 pallets boosts the total well over $100,000.00. Shown on the fork lift piling reclaimed lumber is Oscar Johnson. Helping him is John Mayer, lumber handler lead foreman and Labor and Equipment Chief Ben Schoch is at the right.

Small Crew Effects Fabulous Savings

The Depot has a group of men who are the answers to a tax-payer's prayer. They comprise the comparitively small crew in the Lumber Reclamation Unit of Labor and Equipment Branch which, during a twelve-month period, effected a savings of over $100,000.00.

John Mayer, lumber handler lead foreman at the unit has reported reclamation of 1,224,008 board feet of lumber in one year's time. In addition, 72,219 pallets were repaired and put back into service.

New dunnage lumber costs, on an average, $88.00 per thousand feet and this amount of lumber would cost $100,368.66. As the reclaimed lumber is suitable to dunnage the savings would be $77,609.66, after deducting the $22,659.00 cost of processing.

The repairs on the 72,219 pallets swells the savings to Uncle Sam to several thousand dollars over that figure.

An additional savings feature of this activity is that the crew performing the reclamation work consists of employees not assignable from the Labor Pool because of decreased actvities in ammunition handling or weather conditions or other reasons. In lumber salvage these employees are put to constructive utilization and further savings accrue to the lumber reclamation program.

Although nails are not salvageable as such, they are collected by an electromagnet from the Post Engineers and turned over to the Salvage Branch as scrap metal. Over six tons of nail scrap are salvaged in a year's time.

Commenting upon the value of the reclamation of lumber at this Depot, Ben Schoch, Chief of the Labor and Equipment Branch, said, "Too few people realize the full meaning of the pile of old lumber out here. To us working with ammunition it means a ready supply of lumber in excess of the new stuff that costs a lot more. To the taxpayers, all of us included, it means substantial savings".

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