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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 1 No. 24 page 2 June 20, 1952

Around The Depot

The Sewage Unit

All of the sewage that goes through the drains finds its way down to the Sewage Plant where Bob Speer, foreman since 1943, and his men purify it to eliminate all possible chances for spreading of diseases through this source. Most of you will be surprised to know that the Sewage Plant is one of the cleanest places on the depot.

By the time the sewage has passed through the primary and secondary digestors with clarifiers and sludge beds it is free from the most harmful bacteria and is free from the ability to spread diseases, as the operators there will tell you. In order to be sure of it at all times, the men are constantly running tests. After final treatment the affluent waste empties into Cold Creek and then into the Cheyenne River.

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