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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 26 page 3 June 26, 1953

Supply Branch Has Course In Packing And Preserving

The General Supply Branch recently instituted a 10-hour course in preservation, packaging and packing of military supplies and equipment.

The Primary objective for supply facilities, in recent years, is to establish and maintain close coordination and control of all phases of preservation and packaging of equipment and supplies for readiness to the armed services. Many new methods have been installed and through their utilization will protect materials from deterioration and damage by moisture, living organisms, or from handling. The primary purpose of the training course is to give to the workers the latest methods being used, as well as a better understanding of their jobs and to point out to each employee the important part played by them in supplying our fighting men with the materials they need. The course stresses cleaning and drying, wrapping, protection by fiberboard containers, wood boxes, cans and drums, cages and crates.

Conducting the course is William Bennett, chief of the General Supply Branch and Olaf Olson, Packing and Processing Foreman. Attending the course are the following Supply Branch employees: Edward Aman, Michael Dowd, Garry Doye, William Ehrier, Earl Hildeman, James Lanphear, John Peterson, John Ryan, Rose Campbell, Eleanor Eastman, Pearlbetty Ehrier, Delores Hammond, Elizabeth Heier, Florence Mastrovich and Florence Tuma.

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