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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 2 page 1 Jan. 9, 1953

Depot To Get New Phone Switchboard

Advicd has been received from Fifth Army that a new telephone switchboard will be installed at this Depot during the month of February, 1953.

the installation has been deemed necessary due to the expansion of the Depot and the resultant demand for increased telephone facilities. The present switchboard, due to its age and limited capacity does not provide efficient service required.

The new switchboard, while not permitting a large increase in the numbers of telephones in use, will be adequate to take care of all anticipated needs of the Depot and will also provide better servivce to users of telephones.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 29 page 1 July 17, 1953

Changeover On Switchboard Made Last Friday Night

At 8:00 p.m. of the evening of July tenth the new telephone switchboard went into use. Mrs. Marion Hills was the switchboard operator on duty, and the first number called across the new circuits was 277-W.

The switchboard change-over was accomplished with a minimum of delay and inconvenience to telephone patrons. It is anticipated the new board will increase the efficiency of the local telephone system considerably. This will be more noticeable as time passes and the operators become accustomed to the new board.

Because the new board's installation required several number changes, the cooperation of patrons is sought to keep at a minimum the confusion caused by wrong numbers called. The signal office requests that telephone users refer to their Directory Change Sheets until they can familiarize themselves with the new numbers.

The installation of the new board and the ease with which the cutover from the old board was made reflects creditably upon the signal plant corps agency installation team and the local lineman.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 32 page 7 Aug. 7, 1953

Telephone Rates Upped Throughout South Dakota

Effective 1 August telephone rates in the state of South Dakota were increased. The following table is furnished for the information of subscribers as a guide. All rates quoted are for three minute period and do not include the tax.

Day Rates
Sta. to Sta. Tax Per. to Per. Tax
Edgemont .20 .03 .40 .10
Hot Springs .35 .09 .55 .14
Rapid City .70 .18 1.10 .28
Sioux Falls 1.30 .33 2.10 .53
Deadwood .70 .18 1.10 .28
Pierre .95 .24 1.50 .38
Pine Ridge .70 .18 1.10 .28
Rosebud .90 .23 1.45 .36

Night Rates
Sta. to Sta. Tax Per. to Per. Tax
Edgemont .20 .03 .40 .10
Hot Springs .35 .09 .55 .14
Rapid City .60 .15 1.00 .25
Sioux Falls 1.10 .28 1.90 .48
Deadwood .60 .15 1.00 .25
Pierre .80 .20 1.35 .34
Pine Ridge .60 .15 1.00 .25
Rosebud .75 .19 1.30 .33

In addition to the above increase local calls on pay stations have been raised from five to ten cents.

Rates on telephone service within the Depot have been increased and effective with the billing period commencing 21 July 1953 four party lines have been increased from $1.50 per month plus tax to $2.00 per month plus tax. Single party lines have been increased from $3.00 per month plus tax to $4.00 per month plus tax.

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