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The Walrus

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 26 page 1 June 26, 1953

Vivacious Veterens Smother Smithwick 33-3, In Dull Game

To preclude the possibility of permanent injury to the pride of the Smithwick players, their game with the Vets here, Sunday afternoon, was mercifully called after five and one-half innings which resembled a grade school track meet.

To say that the Smithwick athletes were sadly outclassed would be the understatement of the twentieth century. It was downright pitiful when the local lads, in an effort to give the opposition a sporting chance, tried bunting practice and proceded to run the score higher and higher.

We will not bore our readers with the gruesome details but here are a few figures in the 33-3 shellacking on 24 hits.

Dewald, Sampsell and Schock each batted a thousand, Dewald had five singles for five trips to the plate and Sampsell had two doubles and two singles for four times at the bat and Schock had a double and a single for two official times at the plate. Pourier who went into the game in the fourth had one for one, for a perfect average, too.

McElroy had a three-bagger and a one base hit for three, Moore had three doubles for five, Schuler had two for four, Wilbur two for five, Cottrell two for six, and Stanley one for four.

Stanley and Cottrell shared the pitching chores while Moore was battery mate for both.

The Walrus

Vol. 2 No. 26 page 2 June 26, 1953

Vets Dumped By Oilers In Own Back Yard, 9-3

- - - Young, Cooper, Baron, Cooley, Worry, Brave, Bad Milk, Stransky, Mowry, K. Schuler - - -


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