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Salute The "INFANT"ry

BHODian page 24 April 1945
image of first baby born at hospital


BHODian pages 42 & 43 April 1945
image of first baby born at Igloo


The records show that Alvina Ann Felt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Felt, was the first child born after Igloo was given a name. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fox were the the parents of the first child born at the Post Hospital. It is with regret that we must mention this in memoriam, for Betty Ann Fox passed away at the age of one year.

Walrus page 6 March 14, 1957

Heard Thru The Stethoscope

Salute The "INFANT"ry

Hey kids, are you among these statistics? Since January 1947 through December 1956, the hospital has been the recipient of 550 new babies with the year 1951 claiming the greatest number of new recruits. The arrivals that year numbered 66. February 1947 and March 1954 tied for the title "The Month with the Greatest Number of New Arrivals" - each of these months having a total of eleven.

Walrus page 1 Aug. 15, 1957

Carol Jean Denke MISS CAROL JEAN DENKE, nine pounds four ounce, baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Denke born August 5, is the first baby born in August at the BHOD Hospital. The lucky miss has three older sisters: Alice Fae, age five; Katherine, three years and Laurel Ann, 15 months. Mr Denke has been an employee of this depot for four years.
(Photo by Schuler)

On July 15, 1963, Karry Wade Syverson was the last baby born at the hospital. His parents were Gordon and Norma Syverson.

(If the birth rate of the first 10 years continued through the last 6 1/2 years the total babies born at the Post Hospital would be around 900.) (At this time I have less than 450 in my database.)

There was a period of time that Ellsworth AFB was sending their obstetric? patients to BHOD while they were remodeling their hospital. Besides the dozen or so babies from EAFB there were also a few spouses of active duty servicemen that gave birth at Igloo.

birth notice

Aadson, Beverly

Addington, baby boy

Alley, Judith Dee

Adman, Mary Margaret

Anderson, Jerry Dean

Anderson, Thomas Albert

Anderson, Velesta JoAnn

Artichoker, baby girl

Artichoker, Benjamin Lessert


Bad Wound, Kevin

Bad Wound, Marilyn Rose

Balliet, James Gordon

Barritt, Danny Lee

Bartz, baby boy

Baudion, Allen Roy

Beaudreau, baby girl

Breaudreau, Robert LeRoy

Beckfield, Becky Jo

Beckfield, Richard William Jr.

Bedenbaugh, baby girl

Begert, Billy

Berens, baby girl

Berens, Lana Jean

Bergen, baby girl

Biever, Philip Ernest

Blare, Corey Dean

Blare, Rickey Lee

Boltz, David Paul; 1953; Lillian; Bernard

Boltz, Patricia Ann

Boltz, Sharon Rose

Bradshaw, baby boy

Brafford, Bart David

Brafford, Dennis Dixon

Brafford, Guy William

Brafford, Kathleen Marie

Brafford, Neil Allen

Brafford, Susan Theresa

Brave, Anthony Vincent

Brave, baby girl

Brave, Colleen Karen

Brave, George Wayne

Brave, Gleen Hilbert

Brave, Ron Dell

Brazell, Terry Ann

Brewer, baby boy

Brewer, Patrick Roy

Brokaw, Mike

Brown, baby girl

Burnison, Margaret Lillian

Burr, Beverly

Bush, Robert Allen

Bush, Ruth Arlene

Bush, Timothy James


Carew, Thomas Edward

Carr, baby girl

Catlett, Charlene Roseanna

Clark, baby boy

Cook, Darlene Ann

Cook, Ronald Joseph

Cordry, William Stanley

Cottrell, Mary Louise

Coyle, Pamela

Craft, Roscoe D.

Craig, baby girl

Crawford, Billie Jean

Crawford, Randy Lee


Dahl, Mark David

Dahl, Monica Lee

Dappen, baby boy

Dehner, Ruth Ann

Demski, baby girl

Denke, baby boy

Denke, Carol Jean

Denke, Katherine Marie

Denke, Laurel Ann

Denke, Rita Marie

Doyle, baby boy

Dyer, baby boy

Dyer, Kathleen Rae


Eckman, baby boy

Edwards, Diane M.

Ehrich, Daryl Dean

Ehrich, Michael W.

Elsasser, Corlis Elaine

Engebretson, baby girl

Eric, baby girl

Erickson, Rickey Duane


Facklam, Theordore John

Facklam, Thomas Gerard

Fairbanks, Willa Jean

Farrell, Anthony Joseph

Fast Wolf, baby girl

Fay, baby girl

Feather, Curtis Jay

Fields, Terry Lee

Fiester, baby girl

Finkle, Patricia Ann

Finney, Theresa Marie

Fisher, baby boy

Flanagan, Bonnie Kay; 1948; Anna; Adrian

Flynn, Robert Leo

Foss, Gary Dean

Fox, Elizabeth Ann

Frost, baby boy

Fryett, Sandra


Garcia, Rudy Roy

Geldel, Muriel Ann

Giedd, R. (female)

Gillies, Ricky

Gilpin, Lucinda Lou

Gilpin, Richard Eldon

Good Crow, baby girl

Gorman, Allen

Gorman, Gary

Gorman, Lynn

Grabow, Ann Bertha

Graybeal, baby boy

Greaves, baby boy

Guthmiller, baby boy

Guthmiller, Bobby Joe


Haakenson, Roxanne

Hahn, Corey DeWayne

Hahn, John Jay Jr.

Hair, Vicky Irene

Hall, Aldo Ray

Hall, Kerry Lynn

Hall, Kurt

Hall, Renal

Hall, Terry

Hamaker, LuJean Dawn

Hanks, baby girl

Hanna, baby boy

Hansen, baby girl

Hawkins, Clarence

Hawkins, Clarise ?

Hawkins, Leslie Howard

Hawkins, Romona June

Heer, Donald

Hehn, Karen Lylive

Heier, William

Heiser, Terry Lee

Henderson, Pamela Jean

Herman, Linda

Hiermeier, baby boy; 1950; Florence ;

Hicks, David George; ; Lorraine; Kilburn

Hoffer, Jacqueline Rae

Horst, Elizabeth Margaret

Huggans, Edna Faye

Hughes, Calvin

Hunter, Kevin Kir

Hyatt, David


Jacobs, Pamela Jean

Johnson, baby boy

Johnson, Craig Owen

Jones, baby boy

Jones, baby girl

Jones, Candy Sue

Jurrens, James E.


Kallenberger, baby girl

Kallenberger, baby girl

Karinen, baby girl

Kautz, Marcia

Kautz, Ronald Lynn

Kelly, baby girl

Kills Enemy, Albert James

Kirby, Rodney

Knoepfle, Keith

Knoepfle, Kevin

Kramer, Barbara

Kramp, baby boy

Kramp, baby girl

Kramp, baby girl

Kramp, Sharon Kay

Kratochvil, baby boy

Krebs, baby girl

Krebs, Mary Ann

Krebs, Sandra Kay

Krouskoupf, James Walter II

Krumholz, Theresa

Kruse, baby boy


La Plant, David E.; 1948; Tillie; Wilfred

La Pointe, Janice Marie; 1947; ; Vincent

Lachelt, Jane Victora; 1945; Julia;

Lackings, baby girl; 1950; Lavetta;

Lanphear, Debra Kay; 1955; Lois; James

Lanphear, Jo Ann; 1949; ; Cloyce

Lanphear, Peggy Ann; 1958; Lois, James

Lawrence, Franklin Joe; 1955; Alvina; Arthur

Lawrence, Gerald Arthur; 1956; Alvina; Arthur

Lawrence, Rhonda Lu; 1953; Alvina; Arthur

Lawrence, Thomas Gregory; 1959; Alvina; Arthur

LeCompte, baby girl; 1952; ; Marion

Lee, baby girl; 1953; Velma; Harald

Lee, Jefferson Jackson; 1952; Doris; Jack

Lehman, Harry William Jr.; 1947; Mary Aune; Harry

Lehman, Janis Ann; 1958; Mary Aune; Harry

Lessman, baby girl; 1949; ; Eugene

Lincoln, Craig Steven; 1954; Loia; Robert

Lounsbury, Robin Dale; 1954; ; Wilbur


Mace, Luther D.; 1950; Dorothy; Luther

Madsen, Mark Nels; 1954; ; Walter

McBain, Margaret; 1947; ; Milton

McCabe, Fredrica Lynn; 1950; ; Robert

McClaine, David Keith; 1954; ; Victor

McCleery, Monte Dale; 1950; Luella; Forest

McCoy, Frank Leo; 1955; Beatrice; Grant

McGalliard, baby boy; 1955; ; Robert

McGalliard, M. C.; ?; ;

McKee, K. (male) ; 1950; Jean; Robert

Mckeen, baby boy; 1950; Dorothy, Richard

McLean, Flora Jo; 1955; ; Melvin

McLeod, baby boy; 1949; ; Luther

Meier, Patricia Jo; 1963; Agnes; Paul

Meier, Rebecca Agnes; 1953; Agnes; Paul

Mesteth, Eva Elizabeth; 1955; ; Louis

Mesteth, Jennie Ann; 1953; Rose; Lloyd

Milk, baby boy; 1952; ; Jasper

Miller, baby girl; 1953; Clara; Robert

Miller, baby girl; 1945; ; Fred

Miller, Cheryl Ann; 1957; ; Eugene

Miller, Gary; ?; Verna;

Miner, Melvin Vincent; 1956; Eloise; Melvin

Modlin, baby girl; 1949; Maryanne; Franklin

Moldenhauer; Daniel David; 1953; Alvina; Aaron

Moore, baby boy; 1952; Lucille; Oliver

Moore, baby girl; 1949; ; Marvin

Moore, Bradley Weston; 1957; Christine; Floyd

Moran, Janet Kay; 1952; Eunice; Lester

Moran, Lester H. Jr.; 1953; Eunice; Lester

Morrison, Donald Phillip; 1964; Gwenda; James

Morrison, Marilyn; 1947; Alvina; Robert

Mosteth, baby boy; 1945; ; Reuben

Mounts, baby girl; 1952; Joan;

Muhm, Shirley Ann; 1945; Mae Lillian; Wayne


Neiss, baby girl; 1952; Edith; Calvin

Neumaier, Laura Jean; 1954; ; Richard

Newman, Robert Lee; 1948; Dolly Harry

Nolen, William D.; 1956; Joan; William

Nygaard, Arna Gene; 1952; Doris; Arnold


O'Brien, baby girl; 1950; Bernice; Joseph

O'Neill, James Robert; 1960; ; John

Oldencamp, baby boy; 1953; ; Aaron

Oliphant, Gale Anne; 1956; Lila; Leo

Oliphant, Patrick Jeffery; 1956; Lila; Leo

Olivas, Dennis Lee; 1957; Eleador;

Olivas, Diana Lynn; 1957; Eleador;

Olivas, Joe; 1952; Antonia; Joe

Olivas, Johnnie Jerome; 1957; Opal; Jerry

Oliver, Karen K.; 1955; ; Lawrence

Olson, baby girl; 1955; Coralene;

Olson, Beth Ann; 1961; Ianne; Orville

Olson, Curtis James; 1960; Ianne; Orville

Olson, Dean Alan; 1953; Ianne; Orville

Olson, Jay Lee; 1957; Ianne; Orville

Opp, baby boy; 1957; Janice; Elmer

Opp, baby girl; 1957; Janice; Elmer

Osterholt, Debbie Kay; 1954; Margaret; Floyd


Patton, baby boy; 1950; Bonnie; Norbert

Patton, Darlene Rose; 1949; Bonnie; Norbert

Patton, Ronald Duane; 1953; Sylvia; William

Patton, Theresa Gail; 1949; Sylvia; William

Pazie, Lila Mae; 1954; Harriet; Joseph

Penttila, Albert E.; 1944; Helen; Eugene

Peters, Gary Wayne; 1946; Diana; Wayne

Pourier, baby boy; 1952; Aurelia; Percy

Pourier, baby girl; 1953; Hazel; Benjamin

Pourier, baby girl; 1955; Hazel; Benjamin

Pourier, baby girl; 1953; Aurella; Percy

Pourier, Betty Anne; 1953; Caroline; Lester

Pourier, Dale Douglas; 1955; ; William

Pourier, Diane; 1948; Aurella; Percy

Pourier, Jeanette; 1955; ;

Pourier, Jo Ann; 1954; Aurella; Percy

Pourier, Marilyn Fay; 1955; Hazel; Benjamin

Pourier, Nora Lou; 1957; Hazel; Benjamin

Pourier, Patricia; 1949; Aurella; Percy

Pourier, Phyllis; 1947; ;

Pourier, Ronnie; 1952; ;

Prokop, baby boy; 1951; ; Robert



Raderschadt, Loren James; 1954; Marjorie; James

Rawles, Patricia; 1951; Mary; Weldon

Reed, baby girl; 1949; Velma;

Reel, John Raymond; 1955; Margaret; Louis

Reese, baby girl; 1949; ; Francis

Reid, baby boy; 1951; Jean; Fred

Remington, Harvey Lee Jr.; 1958; ; Harvey

Remington, Triffley John; 1959; ; Harvey

Reutter, Edward; 1944; ; Carl

Rich, Debra Ann; 1954; Dorothy; Roger

Richards, baby girl; 1955; Lena; LeRoy

Richards, baby girl; 1952; LaVonne; LaVerne

Richardson, Jean Ann; 1950; Kathern;

Rios, baby girl; 1955; Lilly;

Rios, Charles; 1952; Dorene; Francis

Robb, Claire Patricia; 1954; ; George

Robinson, baby girl; 1952; Bessie; John

Rokke, baby girl; 1952; Norma; Charles

Rose, Sandra; 1952; ; Murray


Sallway, Harley Warren; 1952; ; James

Schiffner, Darrell James; 1955; ; Walter

Schmidt, baby boy; 1952; Pansy; Robert

Schmidt, baby boy; 1954; Pansy; Robert

Schmidt, baby boy; 1955; Elizabeth; Marcus

Schmidt, James Leo; 1954; Elizabeth; Marcus

Schmitz, Gayle Lynn; 1959; Helen; Edward

Schmitz, Lanette; 1950; Helen; Edward

Schmitz, Susan; 1954; Helen; Edward

Schoch, Mike; 1952; Dorothy; Corsi

Schoch, Rodney Bernard; 1954; ; Ben

Schuler, Dianne Lynn; 1954; Alice; Emanuel

Schuler, Mary Ann; 1958; Jeanyne; Fred

Schuler, Thomas; 1948; Irene; Calvin

Schultz, baby boy; 1956; ;

Schwartz, Susan Ann; 1954; Marilyn; Raymond

Scott, James Ray; 1954; ; James

Scott, Penny Kay; 1955; Betty; Gaylard

Scull, baby girl; 1950; Betty; Herman

Shaw, baby girl; 1953; Margaret; Emerson

Shaw, baby girl; 1952; Emma; Emerson

Shaw, baby girl; 1951; ; John

Shaw, Michael Wayne; 1954; Emma; Emerson

Shoop, Dale Victor; 1955; Bunnie; Kenneth

Shoop, Dwayne; ?; ;

Shortbull, Marietta; 1957; Norman; Elizabeth

Sides, baby boy; 1953; Patricia;

Sides, Billy Lee; 1948; ; Billy

Sides, James Henry; 1950; ; Billy

Skroch, Rita Louise; 1948; ; George

Smith, baby boy; 1952; Audra;

Smith, baby girl; 1953; Esther;

Smith, baby girl; 1952; ; Delmar

Snyder, Dale H.; 1959; Rosemarie; Ian

Sokol, Dennis; 1955; Maxine ?; Arnold

Sorenson, baby; 1949; ; Arnie

Stacey, baby girl; 1952; Norma; Lt.

Staub, Theresa; ?; ;

Stender, Heidi Jo; 1957; Jim; Joan

Stephens, baby girl; 1946; ;

Stokes, Lee Hampton; 1953; Opal; Hermit

Stokes, Linda Rose; 1955; Opal; Hermit

Stokes, Susan Ann; 1956; Opal; Hermit

Stover, Donald Dean; 1949; Ione;

Straub, Teresa Marie; 1952; Lucille, Melvin

Strehl, Francis; 1953; La Verne; Francis

Strehl, Lisa Christine; 1954; La Verne; Francis

Stuter, baby boy; 1951; Alma; Richard

Surface, Daniel; 1952; Idella; Orville

Surface, Judith Ann; 1949; Idella; Orville

Surface, Katherine Lynn; 1953; Idella; Orville

Sweeney, James Michael; 1955; Virginia; John

Sweeney, John David; 1955; Virginia; John

Sweeney, Kathleen Marie; 1948; Virginia; John

Sweeney, Mary (Merano) Ann; 1947; Virginia; John

Syverson, Karry Wade; 1963; Norma; Gordon


Taggart, Gary Lee; 1951; Jean; Arthur

Taggart, Michael; 1948; Jean; Arthur

Taggart, Stephen Charles; 1963; Jean; Arthur

Taylor, baby girl; 1956; Lola;

Thayer, baby boy; 1953; Alyce; Elmer

Thayer, Billie Joe; 1955; Alyce; Elmer

Thayer, Roger; 1952; Alyce; Elmer

Thomas, Cheryl Lea; 1951; Jaunita; Gerold

Thomas, Larry Gene; 1960; Jaunita; Gerold

Thomas, Lita Frances; 1955; Jaunita; Gerold

Thomas, Patti Gail; 1956; Jaunita; Gerold

Thompson, Kristy Lu; ?; ;

Thompson, Lori; ?; Joan; William

Thorsby, baby girl; 1945; ; E. N.

Thorsby, Danny; 1944; Ruth; Edwin

Tiger, Roseanne; 1950; Betty; Robert

Tinsley, Sandra Louise; 1947; ; Stanley

Tinsley, Stanley Louis Jr.; 1947; ; Stanley

Toppenberg, Lee Ann Pauline; 1944; ; Andrew

Traversie, baby girl; 1953; Elvira;

Trotter, Dale Thomas; 1950; Elaine; William

Trotter, James Stanley; 1957; Elaine; William

Trowbridge, Ronald Lee; 1957; Kenneth; June

Tryon, Joseph Jack; 1959; Pauline;

Tuma, Mary Elizabeth; 1963; ;

Turnquist, Dean Allen; 1953; Phyllis; Clift

Turnquist, Dirk; 1956; Rose;



Varilek, baby girl; 1955; Hedy; Paul

Varilek, Peggy Wynne; 1957; Hedy; Paul

Vawser, James; 1955; Donna; Clifford

Vermillion, Claudia; 1952; ;

Vikander, Todd Jerome; 1948; Elois; Veron


Warwick, Francis Ann; 1944; ; G.A.

Wenzel, Wayne Lawrence; 1954; ; Lawrence

Westeen, baby boy; 1952; Ann; Kenneth

Whalley, baby boy; 1952; Virginia; Don

Whiting, Joulene Marie; 1955; ; Paul

Wiedman, Dwight Henry; 1952; Irene; Henry

Wilbur, baby boy; 1956; Connie;

Wilbur, Timothy Vernon; 1958; Lorraine; Gerald

Wilhelm, James Alan; 1957; Estella; Ronald

Wilhelm, Sharon Kay; 1955; Estella; Ronald

Williams, Michael; 1950; Lila; Marvin

Williamson, Rita Margaret; 1946; ; Robert

Wilson, baby boy 1; 1947; ; William

Wilson, baby boy 2; 1947; ; William

Wilson, baby girl; 1955; Nadine;

Wilson, baby girl; 1957; Nadine;

Wing, Barbara Diane; 1959; Virginia; Vernon

Witt, baby girl; 1953; Eva; Nathaniel

Witt, Michael David; 1954; Eva; Nathaniel

Wright, Joyce Elaine; ?; ;

Wynott, Kathleen Ann; 1954; ; Harry



Yellow Robe, baby boy; 1956; Julia; Phillip

Yellow Robe, baby girl; 1955; Julia; Phillip

Yellow Robe, baby girl; 1956; Julia; Phillip

Yellow Robe, baby girl; 1956; Julia; Phillip

Young, Sharon Kay; 1945; ;


Zimmerman, baby girl; 1955; Arlene;

Zink, Loni Dee; 1957; Bonnie; Howard Jr.


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