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Belated condolences to the extended Krumholz families. This year we lost Mary Anne Smaltz Krumholz, class of 59; Priscilla Boltz Krumholz, class of 58 and Terry Stuen, class of 61.

Also belated condolences to Julie and the Facklam family. Ted Facklam passed away Dec. 22, 2018.

I hope to add many, many more obits that I have found in the Rapid City Journal archives. Keep checking the link below for the additions.

click here for obits

It is noon on Tuesday and I have finally gotten all the reunion items from Saturday back in the house. Hopefully in places that are not affected by the leaky roof. Aside from all the rain this year the reunion went well. The numbers are about half of what they were a few years ago but that has allowed me to set up the Igloo reunion items in the back of the room with the school items. When you set up you think you have the spacing of the tables and chairs spaced at comfortable distances but as usual that was not the case. Next year I will try to do better. Speaking of that, thanks to Robert and Lou Ann Fletcher, John Fletcher and Ted DeLeon for helping with the set-up. My little helpers Dorian and Hope were also helpful. We actually had the sound system work this year. Unfortunately the MC (me) couldn't keep the mike close enough to his mouth. Also a special thank you to Josie Rodriguez for helping me sign everybody in. The class of 63 rules. The reunion will always be on the 3rd Saturday of July. The caterer set up the food in the room near where we used to have the yearbooks. While that was a big improvement she wants to do even better and serve us at our tables next year.

Individual class reunions are usually on Friday evening and the classes of 50, 59 and 69 got together this year. The combined 59/69 was a lot of fun. Linda Chlecq is looking for members of the classes of 69-71 to have a get together next year. (The class of 60 may also be included) Contact her at (no other info at this time but several members of the Class of 63 are planning a cruise early in 2020, for more information contact Jim Kime (

The All-Class reunion / Igloo picnic has morphed into a combined Igloo - Provo School - BHOD reunion and all who are interested are welcome. If you have questions, you can contact me with the contact information at the bottom of the page.

The important thing is that the reunion will continue and as I said in the last newsletter, IGLOO LIVES ON.

I am finding a lot of information in the Rapid City Journal archives in addition to the obits and am still working on the "Igloo Magazine" copying and indexing at the Case Library. I am hoping to build a master index but I am not sure if I have that many years left.

I have finally made the leap into facebook. I have joined the Provo School alumni group and hope to get the reunion information out to more people.

Igloo, South Dakota: The Utopia That War Built

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