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Condolences to the Birdsall family. Adele (Gunville) Birdsall, wife of Monte Birdsall passed away April 16.

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I have just mailed out the newsletter with information about the 2018 reunion. If you do not get a copy, let me know. I will post it on the web site when I get caught up

Some members of the Class of 63 are planning on getting together in Custer the day before the All-Class Reunion, July 20th, For more information contact Jim Kime at or 206-909-9443.

The Class of 58 is planning to meet at the Elks Club for dinner and socializing Friday evening, July 20th. Request that anyone planning to attend notify Dick Coen at or 717-421-1196 in order to provide a headcount to the Elks.

I am presently working on the Igloo Magazines from early 1944. There are many interesting stories but I thought I would put together this one for the basketball fans. At the end of 1943 they completed the four plex and six plex housing areas, Child Care Center and the Community Building. The Community Building opened up whole new opportunities for indoor recreation, especially basketball. A league was formed for the workers with six teams formed. The Officers and MP'S teams had spirited games. The Service Garage and Truck Drivers were two of the other teams. The Bombardiers was the name used by a loose social group of the muntion handlers that had old time dances. They used the name for their basketball team. The last team to form was the Indian team which was probably formed from the groups like the Bombardiers that had a lot of native american workers. The league had double header games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The females also formed a couple of teams and had practice once a week. (Girl's Athletic Club)

1944 was the first year of the Provo High School and the basketball team was not as good as in latter years. The played the "B" teams of neighboring schools and some smaller schools with not much success.

The following article in the January 14th issue of the Igloo Magazine should interest basketball fans.


It is widely rumored that recently the girls' basketball team of the Depot issued a general challenge to any of the men's teams. They accepted the first of the six men's teams which were anxious to enter the competition, a team which prefers to remain nameless. The game started in an orthodox manner, but the play very shortly got all cluttered up with holding penalties. In fact these got so numerous that no less than five were assessed at one time, while the conscientious referee, succumbing to the spirit of the occasion, was obliged to penalize himself for holding a perfectly innocent bystander. Altogether 183 holding penalties were imposed and the final score was 182 to 0 in favor of the girls, which represented pretty good shooting under the circumstances.

Looking for copies of the Igloo Magazine which was published in the 1940's.

Igloo, South Dakota: The Utopia That War Built

I recently meet with Michael Zimny from South Dakota Public Broadcasting concerning an article that he was doing about Igloo. I was fortunate to accompany him on a tour of the Renovation area of BHOD. The links to his article are;SDPB link and

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