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It is sad to announce the passing of Jerry Ann (Thompson) Chrisco, Class of 58, on July 26, 2018.

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It was voted at the recent reunion to hold it again next year and at the same location. The reunion will be July 20, 2019 at the Post 22 Legion Club in Rapid City, SD.

Although the numbers are down from past years, approximately 80, the reunion was successful. I especially want to thank all of those that helped this year, especially Bonnie and Ginnie Nygaard and Francis Jacobs. Delbert and myself are willing to carry on with what we do, providing we are healthy. Rod Kirby has volunteered to help with the newsletter and mailings and that will help a lot. Watch for mailing of infomation about the next reunion around the April 1, 2019 time period. I have not gotten a report from Delbert yet but I think we broke even financially. As usual we had trouble with the sound system. I think we have a good system, we just need to learn how to use it. My guess is that setting up the slide projector in the same area may have caused the problem. I got a lot of good remarks about the food this year, even the caterer was happy. I was ready to pack everything up and go home Sunday when the daughter of Pinkie Hall, Terry, showed up and then two of Art Lawrence's daughters, Candy and Rhonda stopped by. They made the day and will influence what I do next year on Sunday.

The important thing is that the reunion will continue and as I said in the last newsletter, IGLOO LIVES ON.

I spent four days during the 4th of July week at Igloo attending the X-Fest sponsored by Vivos X-point ( They want to build a survival community in the old igloo area. I will probably have more information later but for now check out the web site above.

Looking for copies of the Igloo Magazine which was published in the 1940's.

I am also looking for pictures and info about Camp Old Broadaxe, the old Boy Scout camp near Nemo.

Igloo, South Dakota: The Utopia That War Built

I meet a couple of years ago with Michael Zimny from South Dakota Public Broadcasting concerning an article that he was doing about Igloo. I was fortunate to accompany him on a tour of the Renovation area of BHOD. The links to his article are;SDPB link and

I talked to Michael Zimny earlier this year and he said that the Igloo article was one of the most successful projects that SDPB did in 2016.

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