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Condolences to the Stearns and Honadel families. Iva Belle Stearns Honadel of the Class of 54 passed away July 6th.

Condolences to the Hipsher and Mooney families. Evelyn Hipsher Mooney of the Class of 57 passed away July 9th.

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Another reunion is in the books. The turnout was not as high as I anticipated but it was good for a school that closed 50 years ago with former students spread out all over the country.

When the temperature cools down a little, I hope to add more info to the web site. I have several class pictures to add to the class pictures page.

From the Class of 69, Danny Fiester is looking for Wayne Erickson.

Gail Stanton, born at Igloo in 1951, is looking for information about the Dale Ray Stanton family at Igloo.

Looking for information about the Kenneth and Leona Mowry family at Igloo. Kenneth was with the guard force.

Looking for information about members of the Art Lawrence family.

Igloo, South Dakota: The Utopia That War Built

I recently meet with Michael Zimny from South Dakota Public Broadcasting concerning an article that he was doing about Igloo. I was fortunate to accompany him on a tour of the Renovation area of BHOD. The links to his article are;SDPB link and

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