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Condolences to the Sturivant, Stearns and Honadel families on the loss of Dean Sturivant. Dean was in the class of 49 and passed away Feb 18, 2017.

Condolences to the Olmstead family. Ed Olmstead of the class of 1960 passed away March 8, 2017. He will be missed by his many friends at the reunions.

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I am working on the newsletter and it should be ready for mailing at the end of the month. It will include the latest information about the reunion. For those who do not receive the newsletter a copy will be included on the web site next month. Also the reunion news page will be updated.

I am adding information to the web site. I got a large scrap book from Kay Gibson with a lot of information of Fire Department in the 1962 era. I have added more information to the Helen Morganti page. I also hope to expand the Monte Nystrom page. At the present time I am extracting department information from some early "Igloo Magazines". The Igloo Magazine was named before the naming contest in Feb. 1944. The local Boy Scout Troop also selected the Igloo name before the naming contest.

Although Jim, Mary and Joyce are the only graduates in 1967, Peggy Hoffer, Gary Schiffner and many other classmates have indicated they will come to the 50th Class of 67 reunion this year. As an reminder, you do not have to be an alumni to attend the reunions.

Igloo, South Dakota: The Utopia That War Built

I recently meet with Michael Zimny from South Dakota Public Broadcasting concerning an article that he was doing about Igloo. I was fortunate to accompany him on a tour of the Renovation area of BHOD. The links to his article are;SDPB link and

I was personnally privilaged to visit the site of the igloo explosion that occured March 31, 1950 and resulted in the deaths of Joseph Murray, Douglas Armentrout and Harrison Bird. The link to this event is Igloo explosion.

A little ditty for those who miss South Dakota;

Sweet Poem South Dakota

A short video, The Beauty of the Black Hills, another reason to come to the reunion.

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